Share Your Facebook Party Scripts and Much More with CinchShare Collections!

CinchShare has always been a huge advocate for leaders in direct sales who use the right tools and tactics to guide and support their teams to success. We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest feature, Collections, which will be a useful aid in the process of training and the growth of teams through post sharing!

How to Get Your Share On!

Using the Collections feature is super easy! With post sharing it is imperative that our customers use this feature as a way to assist their teams while still avoiding Facebook Jail. In order to make this task as simple as possible, we included the ability to write a description that will be received with the post sharing link where you can give specific instructions and explain that the recipient can use CinchShare’s Drag and Drop, Find/Replace  and TextClips features as well as edit each individual post to put them in their own unique voice. Personalizing your posts not only makes you more authentic and real, but also greatly helps to keep yourself from being blocked. Post sharing is a very powerful tool and we urge you and your teams to use it wisely for the ultimate results!

Awesome Ways to Share

There are many ways to put CinchShare Collections to use and we’re going to go over them so that you and your team can work smarter by easily sharing and brainstorming a ton of ideas!

  1. Share posts to new recruits. Get them started off on the right foot with a content library and some great promotional posts!
  2. Share posts to help spread the word of upcoming conferences and/or retreats. Have your leaders share the correct information to their teams.
  3. Share theme day posts for your customer groups, incentive for new consultants. It’s an effective way to give them ideas so they can begin their own content calendar!
  4. Share opportunity events with your leaders and teams. Make it easy for them to run their own events by seeing firsthand how you’ve made yours successful.
  5. Share team trainings with your leaders so they can run them with their teams. Give your leaders the information they need to train their teams so you’re all on the same page.
  6. Share posts from your Business Page. Supply your team with engagement posts you’ve created as well as business and opportunity type posts!
  7. Share tweets to Twitter! If you’ve already batched a bunch of tweets why not share them with your team? Get them comfortable with Twitter by helping them set up their tweets in CinchShare. It’s so easy, they’ll be pros in no time!

See How Easy it is to Share:

Watch this quick video to see how simple it is to share your posts! No more – “Hey, that didn’t download for me” or worrying about collecting and copying/pasting email addresses. It’s ONE LINK and you’re done!

Sharing is Caring!

We hope you enjoy this awesome new feature and use it to share your posts in a positive light. Remember to let your recipients know to edit post messages so that they are in their own voice and to create their custom images as often as possible as Facebook wants you to be genuine and authentic! What are some other strategic ways you are going to use this new post sharing feature? We’d love to hear them!

About Jennifer Johnson

The mastermind behind CinchShare, Jennifer is a mother of four to boot. With a direct sales business, she needed an effortless, effective social scheduling solution. Welcome, CinchShare.

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