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Canva is known for making design simple for everyone. As a direct seller, this should make you want to jump up and down because now you have the power to create amazing graphics without purchasing expensive software or hiring talented graphic designers (albeit they are necessary in some instances). With CinchShare’s Canva integration button, you can now create and schedule stunning social media posts with ease. Whether it’s for your business page, Facebook party or Pinterest board, you can do it all within one platform!

Design Content Canva


Canva for Social Media Posts
Visual content is VITAL for establishing your online identity. As business owners, we do not want to ONLY post about our products and/or services. That would most certainly drive traffic AWAY from your business. It is important to remember that most of the content you’re putting out should be less about selling and more about bringing value to your audience.
Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
• Motivational quotes
• Inspirational quotes
• Customer-centric posts: posts of your customers using your products
• Behind the scenes
• Your product in use


(Make sure the dimensions are appropriate for whatever social media platform you’re using – Canva makes this part easy!)
If you’re posting more than one photo, use Canva’s grid tool to organize, center and size your pictures correctly.


Canva for Online Parties


Online parties can be a little off-putting at first. However, we have done MANY online events and have figured out a way to increase engagement and party profit resulting in a HAPPY hostess and a HAPPY consultant.


GRAPHICS! Having appealing and engaging graphics during your party can result in a lot more interaction and potential for more sales. You can use graphics to ask questions, make announcements, play a game and start a discussion. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

All of these graphics can be created with ease right within CinchShare using the Design with Canva integration (all in one place) so you don’t have to worry about posting during the party and can spend your free time interacting with your guests and working on really building relationships.




You can use graphics to:


PARTY_ Roll Call

  • “Who is here to party in their jammies or leggings?!”
  • Last day to buy
  • Sales and specials




  • “Comment if putting a clean shirt and sweats on is your idea of dressing up?”
  • “How many leggings do you have?”
  • “Whose style do you most admire?”

ENGAGEMENT_ Pick a Style

  • Favorite Style – A B C or D
  • Favorite color to wear?



  • Graphics on how the styles fit
  • Different styles available
  • How to purchase
  • How to checkout



I cannot stress enough how important it is to brand yourself apart from your direct sales business. You want your content and images to stand out from the rest. If you do not already have a brand for your business (and no, I do not mean your company’s colors and fonts), then I would suggest creating a mood board on Canva to figure out a direction to go in so your colors and fonts can be consistent and in line with all of the graphics you put out. And always remember to put a watermark on your images.



About Ashley Pfeffer

Ashley is the creative force behind BV Enterprises (also known as the BRANDguru) and the developer of the BRANDbox. She has a background in graphic design, web design and direct sales. She is also a master multitasker, mother of three boys and Navy wife. You can view some of her work on Facebook and Instagram @BVenterprises.

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  1. Hi – I’m interested in ideas/references for the best companies/persons who can help with branding for myself on all social media platforms so I’m not “selling” product but value 🙂


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