Periscope is Dope! 7 Tips for a Seamless Live Broadcast.

Do you scope? No, I’m not referring to the mouthwash. I mean broadcasting live streaming video on Periscope! If not, you should be, it’s extremely fun and can increase your engagement with your followers tenfold!


Now I know it may seem a little intimidating to portray yourself in real time to the world, but it’s not that bad at all. I’ve done a few myself and I have to say that the butterflies do lessen with each scope. It’s really amazing to watch the people you’ve been following for months, even years, completely raw and unfiltered – they show us who they are and what they do. I’ve watched broadcasts from a bunch of direct sales friends I have yet to meet and now it’s like I’ve met them in a strange (and rather comforting) way.

Twitter knew the huge impact Periscope would have on the world which is why they acquired the app before it even launched back in March of this year. So if you want to, you can link your scopes to your Twitter feed and tweet them out to your followers (we highly recommend this!) Periscope is easy to use but there are a few tips we’ve learned that I’d like to share so you can broadcast a really dope scope!

1. Check your connection – To avoid technical difficulties it’s best to have WiFi or 4G to broadcast. You don’t want to be pixelated or dropped before you’re finished but due to the fact that it is live streaming video, technology glitches due to bandwidths and connections can happen and that’s ok, you could just start a new broadcast, Part II.

2. Choose a catchy title – The first thing you do before you go live is name your broadcast so be sure to make it interesting and give it some flair with emojis. Don’t make it too long as Twitter characters are limited and remember to use hashtags. Keep it short and to the point so everyone will know what your topic and/or call to action is going to be, no questions asked.

3. Be aware of yourself – You want to be happy and upbeat so people are automatically drawn to you and stick around. When a broadcast begins it faces outward so whatever is in front of you is what you’ll show them. Make sure you’re looking at something you don’t mind them seeing (aka not laundry strewn all over the floor) and then you simply double tap the screen to have it flip to show you – pause while you do this as there can be a second or two delay in audio). Try to position your head in the upper half of the screen because the comments reach up to that point and you don’t want them to cover your beautiful face!

4. Welcome everyone and move on – No one wants to watch you say hello to 25 people before you actually start getting down to business. Depending on your topic, it is best to try and not dilly dally as people have very short attention spans these days. They want to be entertained and perhaps learn something new then go about their day. According to Kim Garst‘s scope this morning, anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes is a great range.

5. Ask questions – It makes it super easy for your viewers to comment and engage with you. Everyone loves to offer advice and their opinion and this way you’ll keep the interaction and momentum going.

6. Thank them for the love! – Double tapping on the screen when you’re watching a scope will give the broadcaster hearts. This increases your “love” ranking and will raise your visibility within the app. You can ask for hearts but don’t overdo it and seem needy. Just be yourself and you’ll receive tons of them!

7. Don’t cut yourself short – When you are ready to end your broadcast, you simply swipe down to stop but make sure you say goodbye before you hit that button. I’ve seen many broadcasters who end the scope too quickly and get cut off.

Bonus tip: You can save your broadcasts to your cell’s camera roll in your Periscope settings. This is great because they only last in replay mode for 24 hours then they are gone forever. I’m saving my scopes because I never know if I’ll want to use one in the future for something – I can always delete them later!


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Heili is CinchShare's Creative VP and loves that she's able to utilize the program daily while staying home to raise her 5 year old son. With her background in direct sales, marketing, advertising and graphic design, she considers this position "the best job ever! It's seriously all my passions rolled into one!"

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