What the Facebook group notifications change means for your business

Facebook is always looking to improve their user experience and what they’re doing with the change in Facebook group notifications is actually a good thing! Think about it this way, you know the groups that are of interest and provide value to you; Facebook is simply reducing the amount of group notifications because they would clog up your news feed. You may not see ALL the notifications from your favorite groups, but that’s ok, you’ll still have them often enough that you will know to check in to see what’s going on in there. And honestly, this has really been happening all along – Facebook is now announcing that they are showing you highlights.

You may have seen Facebook’s latest rollout in your notifications that looks like this:

So what does this mean for your own Facebook group? As long as you keep putting out great content and engaging with your members, you will be just fine. They will WANT to check in and see what’s happening!

Here are a few things you can do to help your members see your posts in your group as well as the groups you’d like to see:

Set Notifications to “All Posts” – while Facebook may have defaulted this to a “Highlights” status, you have the option to change them from the FB news feed notification to All Posts and you can do this directly inside the group as well. Let your members (or guests if you throw your FB parties in groups) know that they should check their settings in their favorite groups because for all they know they could have them set to be completely off and they might not have received the new notification in their news feed just yet.

Pin to Shortcuts – your group members can click on the “…More” tab under your cover photo and pin your group to their shortcuts which will have it easily accessible – and visible! – over on the left side of your page. That shortcut remains there at all times so it’s a fantastic option for your members to not only see your group name but also have access to it in one click!

On your mobile device, the steps are pretty similar to these. Check out this video to see how to to “Favorite” a group (which is the same as pinning to shortcuts) and turn on your notifications:

• Link your group to your business page – when you link the two, your group will be featured on your page with a post for people to see as well as have access to over in the left column. This provides more visibility and will remind people to check out your group!

• Provide valuable and interesting content – this goes along with everything and everywhere you post, but your Facebook group is your community, it’s where you’re able to really build relationships which turn into friendships and loyal customers so make it a priority to post your most amazing content there! Members will know that your group is where they should go check in every couple of days to see what they are missing – make it fun and active and they will surely be there!

• Give Call to Actions – you should be using CTAs on every post, tweet and pin as well as funneling people from other platforms – in your Instagram bio (for example) – to your Facebook Group. Have a post in your parties that invites your guests to your group and if possible schedule a “reminder” post in your past parties for them to be sure to check in to see your latest specials.

It’s important to remember that Facebook has a mysterious and complicated algorithm for a reason. They purposely don’t let us know what it is or how it works because otherwise everyone would be at the top and then it becomes completely useless. Instead of asking ourselves how we can beat it, we should focus on what truly matters – how we can be of service to our community through the use of providing valuable content – and of course helping them enhance their lives with our amazing products. That is what it’s all about! Share this blog post with your teams and group members so they all know the steps to take to help their communities and receive their Facebook group notifications!

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