5 Great Ways for Direct Sellers to BLAB

Just when everyone’s becoming accustomed to Periscope a new live streaming video program swoops into social media land. No worries! BLAB is fun, easy, and entertaining – and it’s fantastic for all of us in direct sales! If you haven’t checked it out already, you’re going to love it!

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Let’s not get into the technical side of BLAB because there’s enough info on that out there for you already. We want to focus on how you can utilize BLAB to build an audience, increase your sales and add recruits to your team. Here is the short and sweet version:

When you host a blab you can:

1. Promote future events whether they be on Facebook or at home. Give everyone a little preview of what you’re going to share with them when they attend your party but be sure that you don’t give away too much – only a snippet of what’s to come. Have your party host or a couple friends join you so they can vouch for your products and get everyone excited!

2. Schedule a weekly or monthly pow-wow with your team. It’s great to blab and discuss promotions, new products and training. Have your top 2 or 3 recruits as guests and the rest of your team subscribe so that you can all brainstorm and connect. You can alternate the guests every blab if someone gets promoted or has a birthday to shake things up. It’s a very easy way to motivate everyone and show your support.

3. Share testimonials in real time. Gather a few of your most valuable customers together to chat about the products they love the most and why. They can do a little demo or just explain from the heart; why they chose you and how your products have changed their lives. Don’t forget to share your own story and be sure to have tissues handy!

4. Recruit without being salesy. Host a Q&A blab where you have two others from your team join you and put a guest in the hot seat so she can ask questions about your company. Explain why each of you chose to join the company and what makes it so great – how did it improve your quality of life? Your self-confidence? Tell them your Why, don’t even talk products or numbers and watch what happens!

5. Collaborate with your DS friends. Round up 3 friends who have awesome products that you love and have a blab party or leave a seat open for a host and have her invite friends to the blab. Offer subscribers a special discount or rebate. Perfect for the holiday season, everyone will love to know (and see!) what the best gifts are this year for their loved ones.

And that’s it! A few awesome ideas for you to begin blabbing with. Now go blab! And follow us so we can follow you! @CinchShare

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Heili is CinchShare's Creative VP and loves that she's able to utilize the program daily while staying home to raise her 5 year old son. With her background in direct sales, marketing, advertising and graphic design, she considers this position "the best job ever! It's seriously all my passions rolled into one!"

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