3 Powerful Calls-To-Action To Kick Facebook Party A$K

Who’s that girl building her team and earning a boat load of holiday profits this season? You…using 3 powerful calls-to-action I’ve created to help you work way more smarter (vs. harder) to get better results from your home and Facebook parties. Warning: Used consistently, these CTA’s could lead to more income, an abundance of parties and recognition from your leader for your awesome sauce. Kicking Facebook party A$K is all about having fun, so of course, prizes are involved.



These three calls-to-action are the final posts of my 30 minute Facebook party. Give ‘em a go and see if they work for your biz too.

1. A$K for the booking. I went from 8 parties to 21 parties in a four week period with an easy to duplicate “PICK A DATE, PICK A PRIZE” booking game. You might already be using this game to seal the deal at home parties. Turns out, it works for Facebook parties too. Write the dates you want to book on four brightly colored envelopes, put a piece of paper inside with a variety of prizes ($5 off a hostess special, extra 1/2 price item, free hostess shipping, etc..), and take a picture of it. Upload the pic into a post and wait for the comments to roll. Works like a charm.

2. A$K for questions – about your job. This is another home party game that I adapted to my Facebook parties, also with great results. Create an ASK ME A ? graphic (Cinchshare makes this pretty easy with Canva as an added tool) and give points for asking questions about your job. Respond and tag everyone who comments, then follow up with a PM to see if there’s any interest in learning more. Even if virtual guests are just playing for points, the comments will keep this post at the top of the feed.

3. A$K again, with a virtual door prize slip. Google forms will inspire you to do the party girl happy dance.Use it to create a virtual door prize slip that includes the guest name, hostess name, phone, email and 3 lead generating questions. The virtual form automatically uploads the information you collect into a spread sheet = done-for-you follow up system. So cool. Use it to uncover even more potential bookings and sponsoring leads from party guests who may not order, but fill out the DPS. Here’s a sample:


Here’s to a kick a$k selling-party-sponsoring-kind-of-season! Could be our new holiday jingle. And please, reach out to share your results in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “3 Powerful Calls-To-Action To Kick Facebook Party A$K

  1. I do number 1 & 2 all the time and it works to get bookings. I follow up with all comments and have booked myself solid for the past five months. Going to add in Google forms as my next move to gather lead info easier!!

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