Save Your Direct Sales Business. Don’t be a FB Party Spamaholic!

Everyone needs to be aware of what Facebook allows and what they consider a red flag when it comes to spamming. We definitely do not want anyone to get blocked and thrown in FB jail. CinchShare was never meant to be, nor will it become, a “spammy app” – our intention is to help you save time and spend it doing what matters most to you – not go against the policies and regulations of Facebook who is kind enough to allow us to use their platform for our businesses. Our utmost priority is to always protect both our users and our software from harm.




So what now then? Well, we decided to gather together some of the best pros in the industry when it comes to Facebook party etiquette so that you can learn the proper way to throw an amazing, successful and spam-free Facebook party!

Let’s start off with the cold hard facts, Facebook does NOT want you to create your parties in Groups. They just don’t. Take it from Rachel and Amanda of The Tag Team, you may have heard of them! They know their party formulas and don’t want you to end up in the slammer either:
“We are advocates of holding Facebook parties in events and NOT groups. The thing is….with groups, many hostesses and consultants add their friends to the group WITHOUT asking them first.  And y’all…people get annoyed with that! It’s becoming an epidemic. Yes, really. In our direct sales, party-on-Facebook world, it’s something that is happening at a record rate and needs to stop immediately. The consequence is not only having frustrated, pissed off guests- but consultants who choose to party in groups, are more likely to land themselves in Facebook jail without any warning. (siren sounds here)”

Karen Clark from My Business Presence also wants you to know that it’s quality over quantity when it comes to your guest list:
“When it comes to Facebook Parties, less is more. It is better to have 25 engaged and interested personally invited guests than 500 who do no want to be there, do not engage with the posts, and do not take action by purchasing, hosting or joining your team. Yes you need to invite a lot to get a good amount to attend, but unless you are personally inviting each one, we should not be seeing 100+ invited guests unless the majority are marked as “going” or “maybe,” indicating they really are interested. The smaller the group and the more sure you are that they are interested, the better your results will be.”

Engage, engage, engage! With CinchShare you can schedule ahead so that you have more time to spend interacting with your hosts. We don’t want you to “set it and forget it” – no way! Always be present and in a positive mood just like if you were face to face. Here’s what Desiree Wolfe has to say:
“Treat your Facebook party with the same professionalism you would with a live, in-person event. Ask questions to engage in conversation with attendees and follow up with the hostess or post follow up reminders after the event. Facebook can be a very noisy platform. If your parties are fun and engaging you can have a lot of success and your guests will keep coming back to you.”

Lastly, you really want to change up your content. The main reason templates are a bad idea is because the same exact images are used again and again. And again. If you change your images and update them, swap them out and give them a little makeover once a month or so, Facebook won’t view them as spam. We know you have company graphics that you have to use, but for the pre-posts, game posts and after party posts – you can design them yourself. No, we’re not out of our minds, it’s true – CinchShare integrated Canva right into our software so that you can DIY your graphics. Use custom albums and create your own content. Don’t be afraid! We’re all here to help, seriously. Reach out to any of our pros! We’re a super friendly bunch! Meighan Hopper, a Norwex rockstar, applies this concept to all of her Facebook parties (and she averages 20-30 a month so um, you may want to listen to her advice! Lol):
“If you want to stand out from all the other reps in your company that are also doing FB parties then JUST BE YOURSELF. Quit trying to mimic other people and what is working for them. Let your customers get to know the real YOU! Keep your events fun and FAST and your party sales with increase, your number of bookings will increase and your relationships will grow between you and your online customers.”

We hope that this information has helped you to better understand what Facebook considers spam. To stay off their radar and ensure that you are not imprisoned it is best to listen to the professionals who have done the research and really, truly care about you. Now go out there and party on with confidence!

About Heili

Heili is CinchShare's Creative VP and loves that she's able to utilize the program daily while staying home to raise her 5 year old son. With her background in direct sales, marketing, advertising and graphic design, she considers this position "the best job ever! It's seriously all my passions rolled into one!"

13 thoughts on “Save Your Direct Sales Business. Don’t be a FB Party Spamaholic!

  1. I joined Usborne Books & More in December 2015. I held two sloppy parties on my own in late December then found CinchShare and took a training. I must admit I learned much about internet etiquette in that training! I now have 16 events lined up for the back 1/2 of January with February quickly filling and moving onto March. CinchShare is polished. The training is awesome and the product is sleek and professional. Follow the rules, rock your business and USE CINCHSHARE! 🙂

  2. Hey there I have been having issue’s in my facebook parties that are in events because when I go to do a multiple guess the character game I get blocked for an hour for posting to many times in a row, is there a way I can get around this what is the time limit between posts?

    1. Hi Venna, sorry to hear that! You could try using a custom album for your games where you are only using one post with an album of pictures so that the guests are commenting on your business page album instead of in the actual party and then you can delete the album after the party ends. You would use the links feature in CinchShare to schedule the album – and you can schedule all the images to post in the album a couple minutes before your party begins. Let me know how that works for you!

  3. I’m new to your program. Do you have a “where do I start section?” I’m wanting to hold an Essential Oils 101 class in my group. Is that allowed? The class consists of 1-2 posts a day covering the oils in the kit. Thanks for your help. Oh – one more thing…I know grey is the new black but gosh, it’s so hard to read and definitely puts a strain on the eyes. 🙁

    1. Hi Sue, there is a User Guide right inside your account. When you log in it’s the last icon in the teal sidebar on the left and there you will find step by step instructions as well as short video tutorials. You can definitely host a class in your group and I suggest creating an event inside the group so that all the posts are contained and members can access them easily.

  4. Hi Heidi, thanks for all the great tips! So do you create a custom album on your facebook fan page and then link it to the party? Also, should the photos be of individual products with their pricing? Thanks for helping this newbie!

    1. Hey Tina! Yes, you would create your custom album on your fan page and then use the links feature to schedule it to your party. The posts can be images of anything you’d like but make sure you check with your company’s compliance regarding having pricing listed on a public page. We suggest putting a direct link to the product (on your website) in the post message of that image so your guests can click on it for more information.

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