4 Tools to Be Consistent & Organized in 2017

It’s always refreshing to kick off a new year both in life and business but it can also be a bit intimidating as business owners because we simply have SO much on our plates! The biggest hurdle we’ve heard, through chatting with our customers, direct sellers, solopreneurs and friends who market their business online, is the constant struggle to be consistent and stay organized.

Of course we’re all about simplifying things for you, so we wanted to share the four tools we here at CinchShare use daily to keep ourselves organized in order to run a smooth ship and maintain that all important consistency so our online community isn’t left wondering if we’re still in business!

• CinchShare

Heili uses CinchShare‘s Save and Batch Post features all day long. She says, “The Save feature is my bff! I am never alone when I’m at the grocery store, in the waiting room – waiting (forever lol) – or at the park while my son’s busy playing with friends. I try to use my time wisely so instead of just standing there twiddling my thumbs, I work smart by scrolling my Facebook feed or searching Pinterest to find content that I want to schedule at a later date. I save so many things that I never run out! I also use the post message as my notepad for when I have a lightbulb moment and I want to create/rewrite it later. It’s perfect for brainstorming and just getting your thoughts jotted down. Then I save it to store it for when I have time to sit down in silence and really hash it out. I love that I can even categorize what I save using the Categories feature so when I do schedule the post it’s easy to locate again.

Batch Post is my virtual assistant! It’s so nice to batch a week’s worth of posts to my timeline or biz page of evergreen content I’d like to share with my new followers that missed out, and then batch my tweets to Twitter. Literally takes seconds and then I can move on to other things on my To Do list. I definitely stay organized and consistent with these two features and now I can’t imagine my life without them!”

• Slack

Melanie loves using Slack to chat with us all day. It’s how the CinchTeam talks! Being a 100% remote team, we need a place to be online together to work on projects and Slack has become our virtual office. Melanie says, “Slack is a fantastic tool for team communication. It features Channels, which are similar to filing cabinets, where you can work on specific topics or projects and you have the ability to invite anyone you want to that Channel. You also have the ability to make a Channel private, where it is just you and a select group that you invite.

You can also direct message people right there in Slack, person to person, like a private message. You can even create collaborative documents where you have the ability to set it so everyone can edit the doc or make it so they’re only able to read it. We use this method when planning our Tuesday night training scripts as a team.

You also have the ability to drag, drop and share files to entire Channels, or to individuals. And I use the search capability every day to find previous documents I need that are stored in Slack. The best part for me is that everything is archived in Slack, so if you ever need to review a conversation, you can search for key words and find it.”

• Evernote

Evernote is an app/website to help you organize your thoughts and files. Melissa uses Evernote daily and says, “When you’re working on your computer in Evernote, you can add “notes” and boards and then when you’re on the go, you can access those right from your phone. There are three main ways I use Evernote.

The first is using links. I have a ton of them! Monthly customer special videos, monthly customer special fliers, hostess rewards cheat sheet, links to opportunity file folders to share with someone who asks about signing up, links to a digital catalog – just to name a few! All of these can be placed in a nice “note” where you can access them in 2 seconds from your phone. Game changer!

Then there’s emails. I have scripts loaded into notes on Evernote.When someone orders, I can copy/paste an entire thank you message to them in an email. And guess what? I look like a boss. Because there’s no spelling errors, there’s links to my customer group, there’s links to an opportunity event, links to booking information, and it’s all well thought out and looks like a million bucks!

Last but not least, I save images in Evernote. My graphics for thank you for your order, monthly customer special, monthly hostess special and more. They are really easy to find and grab when you need them!”

• Trello

Trello is my go to app for organization and project management. Managing a remote team for CinchShare requires a digital toolset to help us collaborate effectively. Our team Trello boards lets everyone from the company see what we’re working on as well as what’s in the pipeline.

A couple examples of not only keeping ourselves organized but also consistent with marketing online are our Instagram and Content Calendar boards. The Instagram board has a card for our Strategy which houses our curated content and then there are cards for each day of the week where we have our copy to paste into Instagram from our Trello app when we’re on our phones. It’s super easy! The Content Calendar board is the main hub where all the magic happens and we have it broken down by month with a card for each platform and their individual strategies.

It’s pretty great to see everything laid out so we all know what to do and can keep our content consistent across all platforms. I highly recommend this tool for team management!

We hope you try out one or all of these tools to see which one(s) work best for you! And definitely let us know in the comments if you’re already using any of these or have other suggestions. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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