5 Free Facebook Groups to Grow Your Direct Sales Biz!

As you’ve probably noticed by now, we here at CinchShare live and breathe social media marketing. Our sole purpose is to help you manage your business and teach you what we’ve learned over the years. There’s a ton of information out there and we know it can become super overwhelming which is why we wanted to narrow things down for you. Simplify them a bit if you will, by suggesting our favorite free Facebook Groups that are so jam packed with amazing content that you really don’t need to look any further!


SocialCinch Club
Yes, a shameless plug here for our own Facebook Group! The reason why the “Club” is in our top 5 (in no particular order, mind you!) is because we share daily social media tips for all platforms. We have a bunch of industry coaches in there as members who will gladly answer any question you may have and we provide free engagement photos, contests, FB Live Feature Fridays that feature advice from top leaders in direct sales, ideas for our CinchShare Brand Ambassadors and of course we keep you up to date with the most current news related to both social media and CinchShare (aka new releases and trainings). Be sure to join us!

League of Audacious Women in Direct Sales
Desiree Wolfe is the creator of this empowered womens’ Facebook Group. She’s a tell it like it is, no filter type of coach and we love that about her! The group is filled with business building tips on marketing and branding with a take charge attitude. It’s great to check in there daily to get inspired and pumped up to work your biz!

This group is run by Michelle Withers of Creative Success Systems. She is the queen of engagement and the group will give you daily ideas of what to post to get your followers and customers talking! You’ll have access to weekly webinars where Michelle shares tons of fantastic ideas that you can use immediately to grow your engagement and get those sales!

The Socialite Suite
Everyone in the Suite shares content that they have found to work well for them so there is always something you can grab to schedule on a daily basis or find ideas to create your own images to post. Brenda Ster is the host of the Suite and provides all sorts of fun challenges for Instagram and Facebook, trainings on all platforms and there are even Suite Retreats for members in your home state! The themed party events are a blast too!

Social Super Group
Jilleysue (Jill McCarthy) is the admin of this GirlBoss group that will teach you how to stand out and be creative in your marketing because as we all know, you have to be seen to be heard in social media. There’s a true sense of community in the SSG. Jill stresses the importance of Facebook Live and keeps you informed on the up and coming trends in social media for direct sellers and solopreneurs. SSG picks your brain so you’re always thinking about how to grow your biz with daily tasks and actionables.

Visionista Connection
This is a paid VIP members only group but Lynn Bardowski of Million $ Party Girl provides such an insane amount of priceless information that it’s totally worth it to become a Visionista! What is a Visionista? According to Lynn, it’s “a woman that knows who she is, where she’s going, and guides her tribe of leading ladies to the top.” Lynn has 27 years of experience in direct sales and shares all her tried and true methods of success from hostess coaching to Facebook parties to FB Live to Vendor Events. We absolutely love her spunk! She truly makes learning simple and fun!

We hope you check out all these Facebook Groups and spend some time in theme every week to learn and grow your business! Let us know if you’re already a member of one (or more!) of these groups below and what you love most about it!

4 thoughts on “5 Free Facebook Groups to Grow Your Direct Sales Biz!

  1. Thank you so much for this article, I’m scheduling it right now to share it with my team. I was already a member of SocialCinch Club and The Socialite Suite. Now I can’t wait to be accepted into all this other amazing groups! <3

  2. I am a member of The Socialite Suite (and Suite Retreat – Georgia). I am not sure about the other groups you mentioned, but Brenda Ster lives what she teaches which shows that her methods work. She shares lots of free tips all over her many social media platforms & any of her paid trainings are well worth the investment – and she’s got plenty of those for pretty much any budget level too. It’s a strong community, learning & growing not only the Suite but of course, our businesses in non-spammy ways as well. What I love most about it is how helpful most everyone in the Suite is, no matter what you may need assistance with.

  3. There’s also #ThinkSocial! It’s an amazing free Facebook group with Instagram challenges every single day, and weekly tips. (At minimum… there are so many awesome bonuses!) I love how practical and down to earth, and just plain friendly it is!

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