5 Reasons Why Scheduling Content Helps You Work Smarter!

What if we told you that you can save tons of time, build your customer base and increase sales this year by patting your head and rubbing your belly? You’d do it without any hesitation, right? Sure, it might take a minute to get the hang of it but then you’d be a pro! Now replace “patting your head and rubbing your belly” with “scheduling your social media content” – does that thought scare you a bit? We get that. We’ve actually been there ourselves! CinchShare was created to be as simple as possible because other scheduling software were a bit confusing and too complex and/or time consuming to manage. Scheduling should be quick and painless, not a cumbersome chore, which is why we wanted to share the top 5 reasons that planning ahead and scheduling content with us can really work in your favor!

1. You’ll Save Time. As entrepreneurs we have our hands full, just like you! The CinchTeam schedules ALL our content to our Facebook business page, SocialCinch Club FB group, our free training events and even our personal timelines (as well as to our multiple Instagram accounts, Twitter and Pinterest) so that we are able to spend time with our families, do the laundry (insert big sigh here) and run CinchShare without having to worry about what to post when and where. It’s all done ahead of time and when someone engages with one of our posts we reply from wherever we are, simple as that! Then we can go about the task at hand. It’s a really nice feeling to know that by spending about 30 mins on a Sunday night to schedule posts for the week we’re able to focus on other projects and we know you’ll love that too.

2. You’ll Be More Consistent. Running a business both online and offline can feel overwhelming but when you schedule posts the online part becomes much easier! We’ve been there when the days fly by, you lose track of time and before you know it you realize that you totally forgot to post in your VIP group ALL week. Oops! That won’t happen when you schedule posts. People are online all different times of the day and night and when you schedule you’ll be able to see what times work best for your business and of course, if you’re at your day job or tending to the kids, you will still have a presence on social so your audience thinks you work non-stop when in reality you’re simply working smarter and not stuck on your devices 24/7.

3. You’ll Build Your Customer Base. Because you’re posting consistently, you’ll reach more people and have better visibility which results in more followers. By being strategic and planning ahead, you will find that you’re more aware of what you’re posting so you’ll put out great content rather than flying by the seat of your pants and manually posting a random product post or whatever you see in your News Feed just to get something out there. Saving content that you find online during the week will become your content calendar and you’ll wow everyone with your valuable posts so they will share them with their friends and be sure to join your FB group. And by genuinely engaging with your audience, since you’ll have the time (see #1), you will build relationships organically because they will be able to get to know, like and trust you and then turn into friends who become life-long customers!

4. You’ll Grow Your Team. We couldn’t imagine having to go back to the days before CinchShare when we were throwing Facebook Parties and manually posting – that was SUPER stressful but it had to be done in order to grow our businesses. Flash forward to the present time, and we are able to successfully (and easily) reply to hundreds of our training event comments without having to worry at all about what post goes with what image and message every few minutes. Our audience appreciates that we are able to focus on them 100% and we love that we don’t have to worry about the functionality of our trainings, just the fun factor! We share our training scripts with our CinchShare Brand Ambassadors so they can show their teams how we’re able to help, and as a CinchShare user, you’re also able to guide your teams by sharing your posts, trainings and scripts so they can grow their business too!


5. You’ll Increase Sales. The overall result of scheduling posts is that you’ll grow your business and income. CinchShare has flourished through grassroots, by engaging, providing trainings (aka FB parties) and from our awesome audience sharing about us. It’s all thanks to us scheduling our content and we are confident that you’ll have the same story to tell – just like many of our happy customers!

Read thousands of Reviews on our Facebook business page to see how scheduling posts with CinchShare helps others better manage their business. We’d love for you to give us a try, so please use the promo code CinchFree for a 37 day free trial today. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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    1. Hi Deb! You can remove and reorganize on any device but we do prefer our laptops when we’re doing major reorganization! It’s just easier to see all the folders and images at once to select and drag & drop them (or you can use the hamburger menu in the top right corner!).

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