5 ways a biz bestie can help you grow your business

What if we told you that you can grow your business in 2019 simply by bartering some free and friendly support? It’s true! A biz bestie can increase your engagement, boost your sales and help you build relationships with your audience. It’s a win-win for both of you as you enjoy reaching new milestones together. So who should your biz bestie be?¬†Preferably someone who is not in the same company as you, but your purpose and products compliment one another – you’ll see why below!

Here are our top five reasons why you should pair up with a biz bestie!

Engage in your Facebook Parties/Classes/Workshops

Having a biz bestie attend your Facebook parties will create awesome engagement and amp up the activity level. She can comment on every post and ask questions, which gives you the chance to shine by answering her questions and replying with another question which makes the party conversational, and when others see people being social, they’re more likely to stop being wallflowers and join in!

Share your content

A biz bestie can share a couple of your public posts a week to their own business page/group/timeline, etc. to help increase your visibility. As long as her audience can receive value from the content (and vice versa when you share hers) it’s a great way to grow your audience!

Be your eyes and ears

Keeping an eye out on social for business building opportunities is another way your biz bestie can help you grow! She is most likely in different Facebook groups than you are and she follows different people and brands on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, so why not help each other out by sending great info when you come across it? Can’t hurt, right? Nope!

Pick your brain

Set up a time once a week or so to have a video chat or good old fashioned phone call with your biz bestie to brainstorm ideas that will help market your business on social. Or you can create a secret Facebook group for just the two of you to brain dump posts and content that you find and want to share/discuss. It’s always a good idea to jot down a few notes during the week if you see or hear something that you’d like to try or know that she would be interested in for her own strategy.

Keep you on your toes

Your biz bestie will be your accountability partner, so you stay motivated and reach your weekly goals. She won’t let you hit the snooze button, and you won’t let her take that afternoon nap! (Well, maybe once a week you can let her slide.) Having one another to feed off of will keep you both pumped up and focused to get the job(s) done. Check in twice a week to see what the goals are and hold each other to them!

Do you see how a biz bestie can help you grow your business? Do you already have one? We’d love to hear how you two are doing so be sure to join our SocialCinch Club and let us know!