How To Be a Successful CinchShare Brand Ambassador

For the last two years, we’ve been working hard and loving every minute of making CinchShare the best social media software it can be for our customers. The feedback we’ve received about our unique features, #Cinch101s and social media trainings have been phenomenal! So many of you have gone above and beyond with our grassroots campaigns, completely blowing our minds with your passion and enthusiasm. Our CinchShare Brand Ambassador Program is our way of saying thanks for spreading the #cinchlove – it’s the least we can do after all you’ve done for us!



Growing our company completely online has been amazing and because we’ve come from the Direct Sales arena ourselves, we’ve learned a lot about social media over the years – the Do’s & Don’ts, etiquette, and especially how NOT to spam. That said, it’s really important that you know what it takes to be a successful CinchShare Brand Ambassador. Here are our key characteristics:

So what IS a CBA?
CBAs are awesome CinchShare users who love our software as much as we do! You check in with us on our social platforms, share our posts and like and comment on our content. You participate in our campaigns on Instagram and tweet about us on Twitter. Basically, you’re our friends and cheerleaders who want to let everyone you know about us!

You’re a lover not a fighter.
We expect that you keep it clean as far as representing CinchShare – we don’t want any arguments happening over other software out there. You totally love us, but someone’s heart may belong to another. It might hurt to hear it, but there’s enough love to go around! Just move on and let them be.

CBAs do not eat spam, no ma’am!
Well, ok, you can eat it if you want to, but don’t dish it out! If you spam your affiliate link people won’t even pay attention to it and could very well unfriend and block you, so be strategic about it. Here are a few fantastic examples of the right way to promote your link:

Lynn Bardowski from Million $ Party Girl surprised us with this amazing write up just the other day! She put her affiliate link in there so the reader is automatically taken to it when clicking on our name. Brilliant!
5 Essential Social Selling Tools We LOVE

Scope or Go FB Live!
If you are on Periscope you can really reach a LOT of people and chat with them about how much we’ve helped your business grow, reduced stress and increased engagement in your parties. And now you can go live on Facebook on your timeline, page or in your group – whatever you feel, just be yourself and go with it!

Kim from Night Owl Custom Design is showing us, not telling us, how she’s able to relax and unwind while still working by using CinchShare. Genius!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 5.38.22 PMSo there are a few ideas to get your gears turning – can you come up with another one? We’d love to see it! Tag us! We hope that these come in handy and please remember to not blast your link out there without a plan. Be strategic, explain how much CinchShare has improved the way you work your business, and people will be signing up with you left and right! Be sure to join our free SocialCinch Club so we can continue to provide you with easy tips on promoting your link and help you navigate social media platforms with the best practices. Thanks again for becoming a CinchShare Brand Ambassador! We are very excited to hear about your success. Keep in touch!

About Jennifer Johnson

The mastermind behind CinchShare, Jennifer is a mother of four to boot. With a direct sales business, she needed an effortless, effective social scheduling solution. Welcome, CinchShare.

20 thoughts on “How To Be a Successful CinchShare Brand Ambassador

  1. I am so ready to finally be rewarded to sharing CinchShare! I’ve always chosen it over Tiny Torch (are they still around?) even when Tiny Torch was offered free to me as a Jamberry Consultant. I love your product, I love the freedom you have given me with my Direct Sales business which is primarily conducted through Facebook! Thank you!

  2. I can’t tell you enough how much CinchShare has impacted my business for good. I have my life back. No more timers set to be sure I have posts in place and ready to go all day long. My online parties have become so much simpler! Thank you.

  3. What a stress reliever CinchShare is ! I can pre schedule my posts in both my business and personal pages and spend more time working my business and doing the things I enjoy !

  4. I absolutely love Cinchshare. I have used the cinch101 training with my team and it has made my posts so much easier. The fact that i can copy image address and not have a ton of saved pics is fantastic.

  5. Cinchshare is the best thing that was ever introduced to me…. Cinch makes my Face book online parties painless!!!!.. I Love loading the pre posts and walking away!!! .. I hope I never have to be with out my Cinch!!!!!………… Thank you, Love, Love, Love it!!!!……. PS cant wait to try my new Batch posting… 🙂

  6. I shared Cinchshare before I became a CBA, but now I will get rewarded for doing what I am already doing…sharing how much this helps me with my business! AHHHH! How fun! It can pay for itself 🙂

  7. I’ve already applied to become an Ambassador, and was able to get the free 60 post tonight. I have a question about referring someone. I’m with one direct sales company, and I talked with a friend, who is with another direct sales company about joining Cinch Share. How does the referral work?

    1. Hi Barbara! It doesn’t matter if you’re with the same company, the referral works with all companies and businesses. You simply share your link with her and if she uses it to create her account with us then you’ll receive the referral credit. Thanks for sharing the #cinchlove!

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