Social Media Marketing, Defined.

There are so many parts to social media marketing that often get over looked. Most people these days think that social media marketing is selling your product, opportunity or services through Facebook or Twitter but it really is so much more.




Let’s look at the definition of the words social, media and marketing.
Webster’s dictionary defines Social as: involving allies, marked by or passed in pleasant companionship with one’s friends or associates. The definition of Media is: a medium of cultivation, conveyance, or expression. The dictionary goes on to say that the singular media and its plural medias seem to have originated in the field of advertising over 70 years ago, long before the internet or even TV. Marketing, according to Webster, is the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market.

Define Social Media Marketing
Based on the Webster dictionary’s definitions of social, media and marketing it would be safe to define social media marketing as: Creating relationships using online resources for the purpose of selling or purchasing products.

Marketing is best achieved by attraction and creating desire as opposed to selling. Therefore, special emphasis should be placed on the relationship aspect and the connections of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing More Than Facebook – Twitter

There is a lot more to social media marketing than just tweeting and Facebook updates. Creating an interconnected system of social sites – ALL the social sites: YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and others – will leverage the power of the WEB!

If someone finds you on Facebook will they be able to find you on Twitter if that is their preferred site?
Is your brand easy to find and your social activities interconnected whenever possible?!
The strength of web is determined by the number of connections!

Other forms of social media activity include:

• Do you blog? If you want to show up in Google search then it is a must. A blog is like real estate… the more you do it the more value it has!
• Are you involved in commenting and adding value to others’ posts on all social sites?
• Do you make comments on blog articles?
• Do you subscribe to the RSS feeds of your friend’s sites that are in your niche? Do you frequently support them by making comments on their blog?
• Video Submissions: We all know about YouTube and yet there are hundreds of other sites that take video uploads.
• Photo sharing is done on Facebook and also in many social networks specific to sharing photos each of which is a society all its own.
• Chat rooms, podcasting and more are all a part of an online social network.
• Social sharing: Other ways that you add value to the online experience is to share things you like on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook and you can also bookmark it for others to see on different news or bookmarking sites.

All of these interactions are making you a part of the bigger community.
Whether it be a blog comment, a social update comment every interaction strengthens your online presence as well as the original curator.

Like offline marketing you must give to get….
I am sure many of you have shared other’s articles in Facebook or Twitter, but do you also comment?
Do you put your web link in the box that says website when you comment? (My experience is that more than half do not include their web link when asked.)
A comment on a post elevates that post and it also provides a link back to your website!!
Again, a connection of giving to get.
All of the above social networking formats are recognized by the search engines and bring value to you and those you are connected with.
When you bring value to others you will be returned the favor, I am sure!
Social media marketing is more than Facebook! Are you connecting the web?

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