7 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Parties out of FB Jail

If you throw Facebook business parties as a direct seller, we’re sure by now you’ve either heard about it or unfortunately have been a victim of being blocked from posting on Facebook aka, the infamous Facebook Jail. So what does this mean moving forward? Are Facebook Parties doomed? The good new is – NO! They are definitely here to stay, and actually, it’s nothing to lose sleep over if you go about preparing your parties the right way. While we can’t guarantee that Facebook won’t block you, we can vouch that we’ve used the following approach ourselves and haven’t had any issues:



1. Hostess coaching is key. Have your host send out invites to a select group and not add people without their consent. If she is sending out mass invites or adding everyone under the sun to the party, there’s a good chance that several of them will report the event/group as spam/harassment. Just as you wouldn’t openly invite strangers into your home, have your host be selective with her guest list as well. She should know that those invited would genuinely have an interest in attending. Remind her that she needs to be present and comment on all the posts along with you.

2. Spread out your posts. Facebook doesn’t care if you’re manually posting or using a scheduling software – if you have a post going out every minute they will view you as a robot and consider you a spammer. We suggest that you space your posts about 3 to 5 minutes apart to keep you off their radar.

3. Alternate your types of posts. Mixing up the content and posting a photo, then a video, then a status, then another photo, etc, helps to promote a genuine “feel” of an event and it will also keep your guests’ attention!

4. Edit your post messages. You don’t have to do this for every party, but at least once a month go in and change up your post messages a bit so that those posts don’t trigger the spamdar. This is really easy to do from your History in CinchShare as explained in this video.

5. Swap out your images. Again, not something that must be done with every party, but if you have 3 parties in one week, you may want to change the graphics for one of them. Keeping a few images for each post on hand cuts down on the chance of the same image being marked as spam. Our Design with Canva button is a great way to modify an image on a post. Create your own personalized content and you’ll be good to go!

6. Reorganize your posts. This one is the easiest yet! Simply move things around so they aren’t so cookie cutter. You can do this by searching for your last party in CinchShare and just reposting them at different times. Of course a few posts (i.e., Welcome post) will need to remain in a certain order, but those you can swap out with a different graphic of the same type and there you go! A completely “new” party with the same, yet different, content!

7. And lastly, choose your posts wisely! Less is often more. Ask questions to increase engagement, show A/B images and ask them which they would pick and why. Use custom albums to showcase a bunch of products in one post – we especially love this as they look amazing and the comments on the posts help with the visibility of your Facebook business page. Scheduling an album is easy as you can see here.

We know how important it is to have successful parties on Facebook which is why we follow these simple guidelines ourselves for our virtual trainings. All of our Facebook events have gone off without a hitch because we change up our content, personalize our trainings, and engage and build relationships along with having a great time! We do hope that these guidelines help you with your Facebook Business Parties and please reach out to us anytime with questions.

14 thoughts on “7 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Parties out of FB Jail

  1. Does a comment count as a post that needs to be spread out every 3-5 minutes? For example, if I reply to my guests’ comments right after I have made a post to the event page, will I get blocked?

    1. Hi Gina, it is still unknown whether Facebook penalizes users for posting too quickly in comments, however, in our experience the more comments the better!

      1. I got blocked for posting too quickly in the comments during a friends Facebook MLM party on Facebook. It blocked me from posting anywhere in the group after that. She had to create a whole new group so I could be included.

  2. Do you have a suggestion for one over the other- group or event? I was in Facebook jail last month for one week because of posting in groups. I have lots of parties coming up and I’m not sure which way to go.

    1. Hi Erin, we suggest events for Facebook parties but both groups and events are being blocked by Facebook due to what they consider spam. If you follow these guidelines they should help! We have about a dozen trainings a week that are basically the same format as a Facebook party and haven’t had any problems.

    1. We love custom albums! They are not only really nice to scroll through but it’s also a great way to showcase a bunch of images in one post so I definitely suggest having a few posts of albums. You can have them by color, style or pieces that compliment one another!

  3. Many of my team members have been blocked if they post more frequently than 5 minutes. Just wanted to make you aware that 3-4 min in between will still land you in Facebook jail.

  4. I know this is a little beyond what Cinchshare does, but I thought I would ask… do you have any experience with getting blocked from sending Facebook messages? I sell Tupperware and run parties on Facebook using Cinchshare. Every week I send out messages to all attending guests at least twice. Once halfway through the party to remind them that the party is still going and to let them know about the upcoming events. Then I contact them again at the end of the party to follow up with them and find out if they want to order or host their own party. I have been blocked from messaging several times. Would you happen to have any tips or tricks for this?

    1. Hi Jo, One thing I have started doing is having a pre-party scavenger hunt in which the guests have to message ME the answers to qualify. That way, they are contacting me first so I dont get marked as spam later.

  5. I’m very interested in learning more about how to use cinchshare for my facebook parties. I have not had a lot of experience with designing things and creating posts online. I’m super interested in working with a representative from cinchshare. Do you do one on one trainings? I have unfortunately had the misfortune of being put in fb jail during a fb show online. I was so upset but figured out a way to continue my show in a comment section so it was not a complete loss!! I hope to connect with you soon. I have a fb party this Saturday 2/13. I’m so nervous about being blocked again!! please help!!

    1. Hi Laura, we have a User Guide right inside the software that has step by step tutorials you can either read through or watch the short videos. We do offer trainings as well. Hope your party was a great success! Feel free to message our Facebook business page to chat further, thanks!

  6. I have 6 Events running all at the same time because I am working my PC business from out of the country and I am a little worried about FB jail. I will totally freak out if I get put in jail with this many parties running at once..help! How can I keep myself safe during these events

    1. You should be fine Belinda! As long as you have followed our tips here, Facebook won’t think your posts are malicious. Enjoy your travels!

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