Should My Facebook Party be Public or Private?

When you’re throwing a party at your host’s home, do you pay attention to the room you’re in or are you focused on sharing the love you have for your products and making sure everyone is having a great time?



Just like a house party, a Facebook party is all about entertaining and showing your guests the goods. Don’t worry so much about the location; it’s all about the presentation!

There are several different places to throw a Facebook party: You can have parties set up as an event on your personal timeline, as a closed group or an event within a group, and you can have parties as an event on your business page. We have hosted over 450 Facebook parties (aka Cinch101 trainings) in the past 6 months and have used them all! We’ve discovered that there are advantages and shortcomings to each location:


In the last 3 months, CinchShare has delivered over 2 million+ posts to Facebook and out of those, only 0.21% of them were temporarily blocked by Facebook for “going too fast.” That’s actually not very many at all. We reviewed the location where those blocked posts were being delivered and found out something really surprising. More posts were blocked in events hosted on a Facebook business page than events hosted in groups or on personal timelines. That’s right, of the posts delivered to a Facebook Page Event, 0.5% of them had users posts get blocked compared to 0.4% in groups and on timelines. You may have heard that Facebook pages = safe ground to freely market as you choose, but our data shows you should focus more on WHAT and HOW often you post rather than the location of WHERE on Facebook you post.

No matter which location you choose to set up your Facebook party, you should always personally message the hostess with the link to the event and ask her to share that link with people she would like to invite, by personally messaging each and every guest. Yes, it takes her a bit of time, but you really only want her to focus on those she truly believes will be interested. From there, the guests can choose to attend or not, and you will be safe from having your party posts marked as spam.

Then, to avoid having your account temporarily blocked (aka FB jail) for posting too quickly, we recommend that you post different types of posts such as photo posts, status posts, videos and/or blog links, and switch up your content from time to time. Through our research, we have found that it’s not the location of the Facebook party that matters, but rather what content you are sharing and how you are posting.

These are the two most common errors that we receive from Facebook when they’ve blocked specific posts or an account, and they are both examples of Facebook jail for “what” you are post, not “where.”:

1. Error Details: Our security systems have detected that a lot of people are posting the same content, which could mean that it’s spam. Please try a different post.

You wouldn’t get that error if you were posting original content.

2. Error Details: It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. You’ve been blocked from using it. Learn more about blocks in the Help Center.

Your posts can get blocked if you are posting too many of the same “type” of posts in a short period of time. (Think photo, photo, photo). You can get placed into Facebook jail regardless of whether you are posting in an event on your timeline or an event on your Facebook business page. Bottom line, if you post too much too fast, you’ll be blocked. Even though our data shows that blocks are most likely to happen in a public business page event for posting too quickly, timeline events and events in closed groups aren’t far behind. Ultimately the data shows there is no “safe” location that will allow you to post however you want. You must use proper Facebook etiquette at all times.

So go out there and throw Facebook parties wherever you want, but be sure to follow our simple guidelines of hostess coaching, creating as much of your own content as possible using Canva, alternating post types and spacing them out 3-5 mins each and you will not even have to worry about Facebook jail. Remember, the room where you are throwing your party isn’t what’s most important, but rather HOW you go about getting guests to attend and WHAT you actually present. Party on!

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7 thoughts on “Should My Facebook Party be Public or Private?

  1. That’s really interesting Jennifer. I’ve only done 2 FB parties. The first one I did from my personal page but I switched it to public & it changed over to my business page but it had all of the features that are normally on the personal event page eg. I could tag friends. The second one I did from my business page but everyone that likes my page was getting all of the updates & I thought they might report it as spam so I posted a message saying what was happening & that if they didn’t want to get the party posts to turn off notifications – but not to forget to turn them back on!

  2. Thanks for the information really needed this been worried about going to fb jail I’m having trouble with putting pictures in albums I kept getting warnings so haven’t finished Lol I hate fb jail

  3. Hi!!! I’m still learning LOTS with CS and absolutely falling in love… like the gushy kind! Lol…

    Quick question tho… when saying to space your posts 3-5 mins apart to avoid fb jail… do you mean posts ON ONE PARTY… or meaning i should put 3-5 mins between EACH PARTY GETTING THAT SIMILAR POST? I ask cuz I have 10 going right now and just started them yesterday and using the same post (which after reading a bit just now I’m realizing I need to change up the content a bit between them to avoid spam/jail…) to be scheduled to all 10 parties at say 2pm. So my question is… is that a jail risk? Should I be scheduling each individually at say 2pm… 2:05pm… 2:10pm… and so on? And if so, what’s the point of being able to schedule the same post to X amount of parties at the same time?

    Just curious & still learning 🙂

    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Hi Mandi! With ten parties at once you can schedule to them all but it is a good idea to have a few different versions of your party script so that you’re not putting out the same exact content in every party. Facebook has been cracking down lately and blocking posts that are being used by hundreds/thousands of consultants so to avoid being blocked it’s best to use your own unique content and keep things fresh!

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