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Heili is CinchShare's Creative VP and loves that she's able to utilize the program daily while staying home to raise her 5 year old son. With her background in direct sales, marketing, advertising and graphic design, she considers this position "the best job ever! It's seriously all my passions rolled into one!"

2 thoughts on “Why You Need a Pinterest Business Account

  1. Hi Heili,
    Thank you again for all you share on cinchshare, I find it so helpful.
    I wanted to ask you why I should convert to a Business Account on Pinterest if I already have a Personal Account, could I not just follow some of the tips you share on my Personal Pinterest account?

    1. Hi Sam! If you want to attract customers and make sales then having a business account will show people that you are in fact a business owner and then you have analytics to keep track of all your repins and where your traffic is coming from.

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