9 Great Facebook Party Games to Increase Engagement!

Playing games at parties has been the best way to break the ice pretty much since parties were invented! Games get everyone involved by creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere where guests can let down their walls and leave their insecurities and shyness at the door and instantly feel included and welcome, but most importantly, have an amazing time! The same concept applies to Facebook Parties, so naturally we wanted to share a bunch of great virtual party games with you so that you can include them in your party scripts and get your guests to open up and engage!

1. How Well Do You Know Your Host? Get the party started with a fun guessing game! Create a graphic with a bunch of your products and have your guests guess which one your host picked for herself! This game is always a party pleaser and it’s also a great way for your guests to see what they might like for themselves!

2. Scavenger Hunt – Send your guests on a fast paced hunt through their own house by listing 5 things on an image that they have to go find and then take ONE picture with all the items in it. First one to comment with their photo wins! So easy and everyone loves it!

3. Guess How Many? Another really easy game to play using whatever products or objects you’d like. Fill up your container of choice (we love the seasonally appropriate image below!) and take a pic to have your guests guess how many candies, marbles, etc. are in the container/photo. The person closest to the actual number wins!

4. Ugly Jewelry (or Bags) Contest.  Everyone has gotten a piece of jewelry handed down or gifted to them that isn’t, well, all that pretty – and this game is where they get to show it off! If someone doesn’t have an actual item they can do a Google search and still get in on the action. It’s up to you to choose the absolute ugliest piece to win. Great for bags too! You know you’ve been wanting to sport that fanny pack!

5. Scrabble – It’s a classic with a modern direct sales twist! Create your own graphic with words from your product line and whoever can make the most words out of those words before you comment STOP wins!

6. Movie Flicks! Everyone loves movie games! Have your guests replace a word in a movie with a word from your company (or product) and when you comment that it’s over the last person who commented wins!

7. ABC Come Play With Me! Alphabet Game – Have your guests go to your website and find products by name (this is a great way to have them view everything you have to offer!) The first person starts with a product that begins with the letter A, next person has letter B, and so on. The object of the game is to go through the entire alphabet and have your guests keep commenting and participating until a random winner is drawn or you can make it more competitive and the person with the most comments is the winner (no duplicates!)

8. Simon Says – You can have a blast with this game and really get creative with your posts! Have one that says to Like your Business page, another to Join your FB Group, and funny ones like comment with a pajama selfie, etc. Design your graphics and then put them in a custom album to schedule to your party so your guests can scroll through them and play along. Super fun!

9. Party Points – People love racking up points and this game is sure to get them going! Post a pre-post in your party that explains what the system is and it’s up to you to keep track of what everyone’s doing so get out your pen and paper and whoever ends up with the most points when the party closes, wins!

There are literally hundreds of other party games out there and you’re welcome to follow our Pinterest board to discover more! Remember to create your own graphics as often as possible so you can include your own branding and unique style in your party. It’s really easy to do with Canva which is our preferred DIY design software of choice! We’d love to hear what your favorite game is to play in your Facebook party, so please comment below and share with us!