We Love Links and You Will Too! Here’s Why…

We recently launched a new feature – Links. It’s a pretty diverse tool and very easy to utilize. Simply grab a url link from anywhere and paste it into CinchShare and it will be delivered with an image preview. Neat, right?



Here are a few reasons why you’ll love scheduling Links:

1. Promote Your Website – As a business owner, you will want to share your company site and virtual catalogs pretty much everywhere, especially in your Facebook parties.

2. Share Current Trends – To keep your followers interested and coming back for more, you’ll want to offer them content that grabs and holds their attention. Search Pinterest and Google and deliver quality links!

3. Showcase Custom Albums – It’s easy to promote your products with a custom album from your Facebook business page. Here’s an example of an album that accentuates the real use of the products:


4. YouTube Channels for their Viewing Pleasure – Your fans and potential customers will love having easy access to your YouTube channel and they’ll be sure to subscribe!

5. Bring them to your Blog – Well, you’re here right? Point proven!

Watch this video to see just how quickly you can schedule a post with Links!

We hope you enjoy the Links Feature and please let us know if you have other ideas for its use. We’d love to hear them!

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