CinchShare Launches Cinch Socials for Team Leaders

For the last three years, CinchShare has offered free training on Facebook in the form of private leader, team and company group trainings, public business page trainings and workshops in our SocialCinch Club Facebook group. This year we wanted to take it a step further and help you help your teams offline by coming to train with you in person! We are so excited to announce Cinch Socials: Fear-Free Team Learning!


Cinch Socials is a CinchShare brand offering social media retreat experiences for direct sellers to grow, connect and be inspired. And guess what?! We come to YOU! If you’re hosting a Leadership Retreat and would like CinchShare to teach a few sessions, we’d absolutely love to join you!

Between Jennifer, our CEO and founder, Heili Sillard, Melanie Moore, and Melissa Fietsam, we have over 40 years of Direct Sales experience to bring to your retreat!

We can train on any topic you would like. Here are a few examples:

  1. Booking Parties
  2. Increasing Recruiting
  3. Increasing Sales
  4. Creating a Positive Team Environment
  5. Supporting your Team Online
  6. Twitter
  7. Facebook
  8. Pinterest
  9. Youtube
  10. Instagram
  11. Tips and Tricks using CinchShare

Our most recent Cinch Socials training was at Angie Bailey’s Retreat. She is an Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts and we had a blast spending the weekend with her team! Melissa was their trainer and says, “It’s always such an amazing experience to meet new people and share our experiences with direct sales. Our stories and backgrounds may be different, but we’re all on the same path. And that makes it special and so easy to make new friends in this business! I truly enjoy watching their faces light up when I’m sharing tips with them. It was an awesome time!”

Check out what Angie’s team loved about Cinch Socials joining them in the video below. And if you would like to see us at your next retreat…message us on the Cinch Socials Facebook page!

We can’t wait to hear from you!