CinchSpotlight: Kristen Coy, Pampered Chef

Sharing the stories of those in our community who’ve created success on their terms is something we’re super passionate about! The CinchSpotlight series aims to shine some light on those who have used CinchShare’s social media software, support and resources to take their businesses to the next level.

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Name: Kristen Coy
Age: 35
From: Indianapolis, IN
Title: Senior Director with The Pampered Chef


Kristen Coy knows a thing or two about consistency.

Kristen has been a devoted churchgoer since childhood and an avid book reader – we’re talking a book a week, nearly every week of her life, for more than a decade. That’s pretty amazing dedication right there! She and her husband, C.J., said ‘I DO’ nearly 20 years ago, and she’s been working as a direct sales consultant with The Pampered Chef for 14 years and is still going strong. Basically, Kristen knows how to make things work and work well!

“The Pampered Chef is my full time job,” said Kristen. “I am a trainer of new consultants, and lead a fast-growing team within the company.”

What Kristen is too humble to say out loud, is how successful she and her team have been with their roles with The Pampered Chef. Last year they spent time on the company’s list of top performers nationwide, which is no small feat considering the tens of thousands of Pampered Chef consultants there are in the United States. Let’s give a shout out to Kristen and her team for their stellar success! WOOT! WOOT!

In the last two years, Kristen’s role within the company has shifted into a more virtual space. Many of her primary functions, customer conversations and team communications are now happening remotely which is pretty exciting to say the least.

“I run both virtual and live cooking shows each month, but these days I am primarily a virtual consultant and leader,” said Kristen. “I’ve now run over 500 personal virtual parties within social media groups, and my organization has hosted 3,000+ virtual parties.”

CinchSpotlight Small Business Social Media Success Stories
Kristen Coy, Senior Director with ThePampered Chef

Kristen’s Social Media Toolbox 

When asked about which social media platform has been most essential to her success, Kristen doesn’t skip a beat — it’s Facebook. Naturally! 

“Facebook has been my primary social platform for 2.5 years,” said Kristen. “It’s helped me create amazing growth for my business. However, this year I am really beginning to see the benefits to Instagram too.”

A consistent CinchShare user for two years, and a new Elite CinchShare Brand Ambassador, Kristen says she wishes she would have known about the time-saving tool sooner. She uses CinchShare to stay on top of communicating with her team and customers, and to schedule, store, organize and reuse her Facebook Party and share scripts. This has helped her save hundreds of hours of planning time since beginning. I posted my first 40 Facebook shows by hand,” she recalled. “It took forever!”

Without CinchShare, Kristen said she and her consultants would not be able to make the extra income that they’ve come to rely on to support their family.

“My company has hosted more than 3,000 virtual parties. CinchShare has empowered many of us to run multiple parties, group pages, and other necessary things all at the same time. This gives us time back for our families, jobs, appointments, errands and events,” said Kristen. “CinchShare has also allowed for us to be able to get more information out on more platforms in social media then what we could manually.”

Kristen’s Favorite CinchShare Features

As a mom of three, Kristen – like so many working parents – found it difficult to carve out time for regular social media posting for her business. CinchShare’s Batch Post feature allows her to schedule larger quantities of social media posts and other content in one sitting, which has proven to be priceless!

Though Batch Post is personally her fave feature, when it comes to leading and directing her sales team, Kristen says her most-used feature is definitely Shared Folders.

“When I train new consultants each month, I’m able to give them a link to shared folders in CinchShare containing days worth of posts and other content,” said Kristen.  “This makes training quick and easy. New consultants love this feature too, because this saves them time right away!”

Key Takeaway

Kristen takes her role as a leader and director very seriously, and treats her team as extended family. With the help of CinchShare, she’s been able to simplify her tasks online which allows her to engage, support and build relationships with not only her team but her customers as well. This has enhanced not only her own life and financial security – but the lives of everyone she reaches and that’s pretty sweet! 

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