Grow your business with stock photos and ready-made graphics

Successfully marketing your business on social media relies on consistency, visibility, being authentic and engaging with your audience. It takes a lot of planning to post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make all those things happen, so we wanted to offer a way to not only save time but also make it easier to customize your content and really stand out! CinchShare’s new Content Library houses thousands of stock photos and ready-made graphics that were created specifically with direct sellers, network marketers and small business owners in mind.

Stock Photography

Stock photography has been around since the 1920’s as a way for businesses to market their brand. There are hundreds of thousands of photos portraying literally any subject matter that you narrow down by doing a search using keywords on both free stock sites and paid/subscription sites, but there aren’t many niche market sites which is where CinchShare’s new Content Library comes into play. Our primary focus is to deliver lifestyle, stylized stock and flat lay photos that cater to our users by being industry specific:



Clothing & Accessories


Kitchen & Food

Home & Organization


CinchShare’s Content Library will have Featured Collections of custom stock photos and ready-made graphics that you can use to market your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest! You can choose to select photos and/or graphics and either save or schedule them right in your CinchShare account!

Our Featured Collections will always be changing as new ones are being added according to the season and the feedback we receive from our users – that’s right, we want to provide you with the content you need to grow your business, so don’t be shy! Let us know what you can’t find out there and we’ll do our best to create it for you!

The Featured Collections in our beta launch are:
All About Fall
Loads of Laundry
Kids in the Kitchen
Oily Life
Let’s Makeup

Types of Stock Photos

Lifestyle Stock is fantastic for portraying emotion and most importantly, a sense of realism, so your audience can connect and relate to you. We use them a lot on Instagram and as engagement posts on Facebook.

Styled Stock is great for sharing about your products and parties/classes. These are best used for announcement posts on your business page and party posts as well as blog post headers and Pinterest graphics.

Flat Lays are perfect for creating cover banners, party posts and informational posts like recipes, for example. We love to use them for our weekly training cover banners and monthly social media challenges.

With all stock photos, it’s really important to keep your brand cohesive by using a couple fonts and colors that will give your graphics a unique style and set you apart. You want people to see a post in their feed and know that it’s yours immediately without seeing your name first.

When following the 80/20 rule of content marketing, you want to provide information that will be of interest to your audience. This is why we are bringing you visual value to your blog, brand or business with a wide selection of stock photos that you can use to design your own graphics or simply use the stock photo with your watermark/logo and a compelling post message or caption.

Remember that you don’t want to only be posting content from our library; you do need to mix in video, product posts and articles that your audience will find valuable as well!

Ready-Made Graphics

If you’re not ready to create your own content just yet, you’re in for a real treat! We’ve added ready-made graphics by industry to the Library as well! There are engagement posts, party posts, theme party posts and quotes so that you have a variety of content at your fingertips, literally!

CinchShare has designed different types of Engagement Posts: A/B/C/D, This or That, Conversation Starters, On a Scale of 1-10 and Fill in the Blank so you can really get your audience to open up to build those relationships. Special thanks to Creative Success Systems for contributing a bunch of great content!

In our Party Posts category, we have pre-post ice breakers, roll call, how do you know the hostess and so much more! CinchShare Starter Kits will help new recruits not only market their business and help grow their audience on social but they can also throw their first Facebook party with confidence!

Our Theme Party Bundles are totally fun! The sets include a digital invitation, quote, countdown posts, engagement posts and live party posts. All you have to do is come up with the post messages to have completely amazing and unique theme parties that your guests will LOVE!

A few of the current themes you can choose from are:
Wicked Night In
Friendsgiving Feast
Everything 80’s
Donuts & Deals

We know that quotes are the most viral piece of content on every platform. People LIKE, LOVE, COMMENT and SHARE quotes of all kinds, but especially those that motivate and inspire! Use them on Instagram, your Facebook business page, in your team and VIP groups, and on Twitter too!

The Content Library is currently in beta and available at no additional cost as a CinchShare Brand Ambassador, so be sure to apply today (it’s free!) for full access! There will be new stock photos and ready-made graphics added to the library weekly – check in often! We can’t wait to hear what you think and see how you are using our awesome Content Library for your business!

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