Design your own New Year’s graphics in 3 simple steps

Raise your glass, baby, cell phone (whatever’s closest) if you’re excited to ring in the new year like we are! It’s not only because a new year means new opportunities for growth and refreshing your mindset, but it’s also time to hash out marketing strategies and plan content which are two of our most favorite things! Creating your own unique graphics is a fantastic way to grab the attention of people on social media, and we’re going to show you in a few simple steps how you can make your own New Year’s graphics that will captivate and create engagement – no experience necessary!

Step 1: Decide on your copy (aka text)
The first thing you want to do is choose the quote or engagement question that you’d like to use on your image. This is because it will help you select the actual photo you’d like to use as it’s always best to have the two relate to one another. For this tutorial, we’re going to use the quote:

Every second brings a fresh beginning,
Every hour holds a new promise,
Every night our dreams
can bring hope and
Every day is what you
choose to make it.

Step 2: Select your image
Search for your image/photo in CinchShare’s Content Library by keyword(s). Here, we used a flat lay photo from our ‘Time to Celebrate’ Featured Collection of New Year’s stock photos. There are literally thousands of stock photos to choose from in the library, so you are bound to find the perfect image!


Step 3: Set up the image and choose your font(s)

Download the image and then click on the Design with Canva button in CinchShare to select the template size and upload the image.

We chose the Instagram template which is a different size than the photo, so we centered the clock and used the transparency feature to lighten it in order for the text to stand out. Then we typed out the quote and played around with the fonts until it looked great! CinchTip: When using two fonts, have one be script or handwritten and the other be plain or block print so they compliment one another and add visual appeal. Sticking to a couple fonts for all your graphics will create your own unique style and a sense of coherency that your audience will associate with your personal brand.

Once you add your text along with your logo or website, and are happy with it, click on Publish and the graphic will be ready to schedule right inside your CinchShare account! Don’t forget to add a Call to Action in your caption or post message so your audience has a question to answer that will urge them to engage, thus allowing you to form a relationship with them.

See how simple that was? Now you can design a bunch of your own New Year’s graphics for your Facebook business page, groups and Instagram feed. Pinterest and Twitter too! People love to see inspirational quotes and posts that will motivate them and get them excited to kick off a brand new year, so have fun coming up with your content and designing your own custom graphics! Remember to tag us @CinchShare #cinchlove #cinchchallenge so we can see your awesome work!