How Engagement Posts on your Timeline Grow your Biz

As we all know, Facebook does not want us selling or pushing product on our personal timeline which is why we have business pages and groups. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t build relationships on your timeline with friends and family who can turn into customers. We’re going to share three ways you can engage with your audience on your timeline that will increase your business community!

Share your Why and Business Perks
Your business is such a huge part of your life so you should definitely share why you chose to be your own boss! Was it so you could be a stay at home mom and not miss out on spending time with the kids or maybe to help the hubby pay for expenses? Or perhaps it’s to save up for a big trip or to help others? Whatever the reason, your friends and family on your timeline would be receptive to your personal lifestyle posts because you’re not pushing product but sharing about the lifestyle you made for yourself and they might be intrigued to learn more. You can also post about your fun in-home parties, vendor events and incentive trips with pictures from behind the scenes that really share how amazing your job truly is! You aren’t spamming anyone or trying to recruit them but you can let them know that they’re welcome to message you for more info or give them the link to join your VIP group or check out your biz page. If they see your pics and it sparks their interest then so be it!

Strategic Marketing Works
Taking strategic photos and selfies is a great way to grab the attention of your friends and followers without actually selling anything. You’re simply showing your product in your photos by wearing them or having them visible in the background. Including your kids and friends using your products in the photos is a great idea as well! We have an album of ideas for you to check out as examples as we love this type of marketing because it never feels spammy. It’s fun to see how you use your products in your daily lives so keep posting and sharing!

Implementing the 80/20 Rule
We believe that you should adhere to the 80/20 Rule of content marketing no matter where you’re posting: business page, timeline, group and other social platforms. That’s posting 80% content that is non-product and then 20% that is (although on your timeline you should post that 20% using the above examples). On your personal timeline, sharing information that’s related to your business is a great way to put your feelers out for potential customers. Posting a video or article that offers a solution where your products can help will spark the interest of those who would purchase from you and you can chat with them in the comments or continue the conversation privately. Using engagement posts like This or That, Fill in the Blank and On a Scale of 1-10 are also fantastic ways to see who comments to offer their advice that might be interested in learning more about your products, possibly hosting a party or joining your team! Here’s an album of engagement post ideas that you’re welcome to use but remember to have them relate to your business so you can build those relationships genuinely and turn your friends and followers into loyal customers!

Do you have another idea on how to engage on your timeline to build your business? We’d love to hear it! Please comment and share with us!

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