How Facebook’s ‘Invite’ update for Groups will help your business

You know how it was always a thing with Facebook Groups where people would complain that they were added to random groups without their consent (or knowledge) and then they’d get all these notifications and posts in their feed from groups that they didn’t know they were members of, nor did they want to be? It gave Groups a bad rep for awhile there, but we have GREAT news! Those days are over!!



Facebook has updated and made an awesome change where now, when someone adds you to a Facebook Group, it’s actually just an Invite (it even says “Invite” instead of “Add” when you look at the group button) which places you in a Preview Mode where you’re able to view the group’s contents for 28 days. The only function you’re able to perform is adding a reaction to a post; you’re not able to comment or post yourself – but this actually gives you the choice of checking out the group and deciding whether or not you’d like to join it as a member. If you don’t visit the group at all, then after 28 days, your preview expires, and if you interact with posts (via reactions) then your preview gets extended another 28 days. So it’s up to you if you want to join the group or not. Pick your jaw up off the floor, it’s true!

So what does this mean as far as throwing parties in Facebook Groups? Now you don’t have to worry about the hostess adding hundreds of people from her FB friends list because only those who are truly excited to attend will accept the invite to her party. How amazing is that? You’ll have a party with guests who ALL WANT to be there from the second they receive the notification of the Invite. It’s not intrusive at all, and a gazillion times better than being automatically added to the party! Honestly, this is just another reason why we LOVE partying in groups!

As far as your customer group goes, your activity level is going to skyrocket because people who want to engage and be active members will stay put while others are getting cleared out by Facebook (aka, those who were previously added without consent). No need to panic at the numbers, because it’s not the quantity, but the quality of the group that makes it successful!

We’re super excited about this Group update as it’s a positive outcome for both Facebook and its users. We’d love to hear what you think, join us in our SocialCinch Club to chat about it!