How to Use Pinterest for Profits in Your Direct Sales Business.

It’s December! Who isn’t cutting out their magazine pictures, grabbing their office supply store cork board and getting ready to push pin all of their goals and ideas strategically into a beautiful collage of what you hope to accomplish or BUY for the new year, right?



Well, welcome to the new and improved collage cork board. Pinterest in 2016 should definitely be on your ‘things to do list’ in that pretty new planner you have sitting on your desk just waiting to be jumped into. Many business owners are dabbling on Pinterest and truly treating the platform as their own personal cork board, but actually using it to create sales is what you need to be concentrating on. Taking Pinterest seriously will create a focus on YOUR personal brand, rather than only your company and provide you with long term traffic and relationship building.

People are spending a lot more time on Pinterest. In fact, they are going to the search engine browsing through pins when looking for something instead of going to Google. Why? It’s visual and pretty of course. Way more fun for us to look at. Pinners look for ideas and then pin each idea by liking or repinning to specific boards they have created.
Pinterest users are loving the platform because it is content driven, meaning instead of advertisements, spam and links, you are inspired by gorgeous visuals and valuable information. When people find things they like, links are repinned, click through and over half the time people are actually buying.

So What Are Business Owners and Direct Sellers doing wrong?
Simple. We are missing a piece of the puzzle. We have the products. We have the visuals. We are repinning, but our pins are advertisements. That is right. We are not leading with building relationships, providing valuable information first, making friends, getting the pinner to trust us and then slowly letting them know what we have to offer. It truly is what most Direct Sellers get wrong on all Social Media platforms.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of getting started on Pinterest:
1. Do upload a profile photo of you. This is a must on really any social media platform but if you are looking to use Pinterest for business, then start letting your followers see who you are. When you start on Pinterest’s main account page, click the edit profile button in the upper right hand corner. Select the option to upload a photo. Be sure the photo is at least 165 x 165 pixels.


2. Do add keywords to your profile name. Whichever industry you are in or whatever your website name is. Be sure to add those to your profile name. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you. For example, if you are a Scentsy Director, you may want to use Jill McCarthy ~ Scentsy Star Director. If you were in Beach Body, you might want to use, Jill McCarthy ~ Fitness or Beach Body Coach.
You can edit your name in the same profile area above. You can view mine where it says Jilleysue ~ Social Media for Direct Sales.

3. Convert your personal account to a free business account and verify your website address. This is a must. If you have a business, no matter what industry you are in, you want to look like a business. You don’t want people to just repin one of your pins, you want people to view you and your products or service as an actual business. Pinterest has cute little red check mark that will make you look all super important. You want that. Follow Pinterest’s simple instructions online for doing both these steps. Once you complete them, you will be able to review who is pinning what on your account and from your website.

4. Stand out and get people to connect with you immediately. That means you will need to think about a profile description that will grab someone’s attention. 150,000 other consultants have ___________ Independent Consultant. Take some time, think out of the box and give people to stop and say oh she is pretty cool, or oh she is pretty sassy, I want to follow her. Don’t follow the herd. BE DIFFERENT.

5. Give those board covers a cute, branded, fun look. Make them look branded to you. Again have them stand out and get people to remember you. You can create super simple Pinterest board covers by using Canva. Yup, I think there is even a template because this girl is all about keeping things simple but making them look way more complicated. You can choose a color, or shapes or a theme. You see in mine, I have chosen the color and theme that will match my website.


6. 80% of all pins are REPINS. Want people to stop, look at your pins and more importantly, click through to your Facebook page or your website, then create your own original content for your brand. No not your companies brand, YOUR BRAND. You are a brand. So you need to create visuals unique to YOU. That doesn’t mean repin your corporate ads that 5000 consultants just stole from their Facebook page. It means sit down, and learn easy resources like or and create your own ads, motivation, inspiration, tips, tools or resources that will make you stand out. Guaranteed, no other consultant has a graphic with a picture of me on it right? This graphic took me literally 5 minutes. You too can create easy visuals like this that will make you stand out.


7. Size Matters on Pinterest. When you are creating graphics on Pinterest, you want yours to stand out among the noise. The ultimate Pinterest image should be 735 pixels by 1102 pixels. If you happen to have a blog, you might have to create an alternative graphic that will fit better in your post but if you want the article or product or content to stand out on Pinterest, you will want these sizes. And if you do have specific visuals for you blog posts, you will want the look of these title graphics to all look the same when you are pinning them. Remember you want people to remember you, so you want to decide on your look and then stay consistent.

8. Picmonkey and Canva are going to be two of your best friends. Take the time to watch the easy tutorials or the hundreds of YouTube Videos. Choose a day in the week or the month and create all your graphics. If you choose to ignore this step and just keep repinning graphics from other business owners or pinning graphics from corporate, you will never look any different than everyone else out there. This resulting in no sales from Pinterest.

9. Do fill out your profile and board descriptions. Complete your entire profile and when creating boards. Use searchable words, not cute clever words that no one will ever be looking for. Remember the goal is to get people finding you and your business. “Yummy Green Stuff” is cute when talking about Avocado, but how about just “Avocado” if you want people to find your boards. Use words people will actually use in a search.

10. Do put the important boards first. The top row is what people see first, so yes you will want your business boards at the top. Favorite slippers if you are not selling slippers is not a good idea. If you’re selling Tastefully Simple and have Tastefully Simple Recipe boards, then that’s the ones you want at the top. The top boards give you the best chance to win a new follower over and show them what you have to offer immediately.

11. I can’t stress this enough: If you want repins and followers then you need to repin to each board you have consistently and often. Each board should have at least 10 pins in it when you create each one. If it does not, keep it secret until you do. You want each board to look complete and intentional. Pin about 25 repins a day, rotating through each of your boards each week or month. You will also want to pin original content pins a week. That means creating your own graphics, content, videos etc. Want to stay on top of this? Then, CinchShare is your best friend ☺ #justsayin

When you pin a graphic, don’t forget:
Add those custom imagines we talked about with your name and website on them.
Don’t forget to add a full description. One that will attract people’s attention. People repin and tweet those pins.
Don’t forget to add your link to the source area. It can be your website or a Facebook page.
Tell your followers what to do. Add a call to action. “click here to shop”, “register for my newsletter”.
Add a website address to the description as well.

12. Pinterest is still a Social Media platform. Interact. Check your comments daily and thank people if they comment or repin. Watch to see who is repining from your site. Stand out and make an impressing by thanking people. People like a simple Thank you. It can truly go a long way and can be the beginning of a relationship being formed. They will remember you…and be more likely to pin your goods. Shoot out an @mention too. This is a great way to collaborate and keep the engagement moving.

Ok Jilleysue, we can do all that, but how does that translate to sales?
Pinterest has a very high sales conversion rate, but you have got to stand out and be different. Business owners tend to complicate things and think being different means a lot more work. It really doesn’t. You just need to take the time to learn a few extra steps. Anyone can copy and upload the same picture and post that 5000 other business owners have, but it’s the ones that go the extra mile to do a little bit more that will build relationships and convert those pins to sales.
Be intentional with your Pinterest account. Make sure what you do stands out and instead of simply posting ads, post high quality content that people will remember. That content can be inspiration, motivation, tips, tricks, strategies, how tos, success stories. Anything that will help people connect to you and come back to you. And yes, I will mention video. Videos are awesome on Pinterest, so if you are creating videos for Facebook or YouTube, be sure you are repurposing them on Pinterest. People love to view them right inside the platform.
Pinterest users are ready and willing to shop, but if you are coming across like you are only interested in shoving your products in their face and not connecting authentically, they will run in the opposite direction. Like all Social Media platforms, Pinterest users want to feel important and they want to follow people who are putting others first and providing valuable content. Give people a reason to remember you and share why business with you is different. Consistent engagement and making some easy changes on Pinterest can absolutely drive a profit for your business. Are you ready to use it the right way?

4 thoughts on “How to Use Pinterest for Profits in Your Direct Sales Business.

  1. Will there soon be a feature to schedule pins! This would be awesome as I really want to start using Pinterst for my business more! *also thought it was funny at the bottom of the post there was in pin icon 🙂 I had to copy and paste your url to save to pinterst, since I don’t have a pin button.

  2. I was teaching Pinterest Basics to my women’s group this week but a lot of the members are in direct sales. That means they don’t control the content on the company website. How do you recommend they post their personal images? They can’t put them on the website and if they post from their computer, the image won’t link to the site.

    1. If they use CinchShare they can pin all their FB posts to Pinterest which will bring that audience back to FB and also to their website or blog.

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