Be a CinchPro with CinchShare!

CinchShare has a bunch of unique features that help you simplify your social media marketing. We have come to realize that as a user, you might not be using them all to their full potential. That said, we are going to go over them a bit so that you can utilize our software 100% and take your business to the next level!



Here are our most popular unique features:

Facebook Import – Literally schedule a post in seconds with this amazing feature! Just copy the image url in Facebook and post the link in CinchShare and both the image and text will transfer. Edit to your liking, select a time and place and you’re all set! FB Import is fantastic for newbies in direct sales to grab great content from their upline’s event or business page!

Photo Url – With this little ditty, you won’t have to save any images to your device ever again! No more cluttering up your desktop or using up the memory on your cell phone, not to mention all the time you’ll save. Just click on the image and copy the URL to paste into CinchShare and schedule. You can also grab images from Pinterest!

TextClips® – Create and save your own “signatures” with TextClips®. You’ll never have to copy and paste again. Simply select which pre-written message you’d like to use from the dropdown menu with each post. Great tool to use for host ordering and website links. Reduce typos!

Links – Paste any url link into our Links feature and automatically have it display a preview image. Add your own personal message and TextClip® then schedule your post. Links are fantastic for YouTube and Vimeo videos – keep your guests in your party!

Pin to Pinterest – After a public post has been delivered, you can go into your Post History, click on the Pin It button and send it straight to Pinterest! Edit with a TextClip® and select your board of choice. So easy, you can do it daily to keep all your followers on Pinterest happy too. Reach an entirely new audience and bring them back to your Facebook business page!

We’ve recently released a new feature called the Pending Post Filter. This feature will allow you to select one network (ie, timeline, page, album, group or event) to see which scheduled posts you have waiting to be delivered. This makes it really easy to see if you’ve forgotten to schedule a post or need to add one to the queue. Makes it super simple to create a Copy in the Pending Post List and schedule a new party.

Stay tuned for more soon to be released features! It’s an exciting time for CinchShare – you asked us for a few necessary tools and we heard you! Subscribe to our blog and newsletter so you don’t miss the latest news and reveals!



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