It’s Spring. We decided to spruce up the place!

By now I guess you’ve noticed that CinchShare looks a little different. I decided it was time to give the site an update since the original version was really only meant to be seen by yours truly. We’ve been working hard over the last few months to bring the new and improved CinchShare to our amazing users and are in love with the final product. I truly hope that you will be too!


My story begins just like many of yours. I’m a mother of four, working in direct sales. I was struggling to spend time raising my kids while juggling daily tasks and really wanted my business to be successful but couldn’t find enough time in the day to actually get myself online. I needed something to help me manage my time on social media so I could maintain my business presence while not missing out on being a mom and wife. Yes, I tried other programs but found that they were still too time consuming – I wanted fast, easy and efficient. Simple! Not a lot of bells and whistles, just a program that could get the job done so I could take my toddler to the park.

Luckily for me, my husband is a computer whiz. He listened to what I needed and whipped up a software that was exactly what I had explained. Go figure! I always knew we were a great team but this was taking things to a whole new level. After using CinchShare for a month or so I shared it with my teammates and friends and Joel and I quickly realized that this was our calling. We decided to devote 110% to the development of CinchShare and both be stay at home parents. It’s a dream come true for us!

Our overall goal is to allow you to plan ahead so that you’ll never have to sacrifice a gorgeous day at the park or good night kiss ever again. You can work at your day job and still be online without missing a beat. Just check in from your phone when you’re out and about now that CinchShare is completely mobile friendly. Throw Facebook parties without worrying about bath or bed time – you’ll have all your posts scheduled to be delivered and all you’ll have to do is engage with your guests from your phone or tablet.

We want to simplify social media marketing for you so that you can spend time doing what matters most. Now go schedule a few posts so you can take your kids to the park, we’ve got it from here!

Kindly, Jennifer

2 thoughts on “It’s Spring. We decided to spruce up the place!

  1. Hi my name is Sonia, I 6 hour’s ago became a consultant. I am literally going into to this blind. I have read several of your blogs and aquire alot of very good and helpful information. I tried to subscribe to cinch news and it keeps denying my email address! I am also wanting to get the cinchshare program and canva. But have not yet found a link to join them. I have to do everything from my phone so it makes it a bit more difficult.

    1. Hi Sonia! You can join us from your phone’s web browser here: Canva doesn’t have a mobile site so it’s not accessible via CinchShare unless you’re on a computer. There are other design software out there like WordSwag and Photofy that you can download from your app store and upload the images into CinchShare to schedule. You can email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you subscribe to CinchNews and answer any questions you may have, thanks! And congrats on your new business!

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