How To Link Your Facebook Group and Business Page for Maximum Engagement

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s focus moving forward is to strengthen communities and groups which is why one of Facebook’s latest feature releases has been the ability to link your Facebook Group to your Business Page. Facebook business pages act more like an online business card that links to your website, all of your social profiles, and now your Facebook community group. Facebook groups are where to focus for building your community as that’s where you are going to receive the most engagement! By linking to your group from your page, you can now lead people to your community where they can connect with you on a more personal level!

Here is What To Expect When You Link:

  • People can find your Facebook group from your business page both in your tab column and directly in your page feed. This is awesome because as your audience scrolls your feed, you are more likely to funnel people to your group to build your community!


  • You have the ability to toggle between your personal profile and your page in your group which means that you can now post as your page, and comment as your page which is fantastic if you are a public figure and/or have your business page as your own name with yourself as your profile pic. It might not be so great if your business page has a different name, for example, Sassy Styles, because your group is where you want people to get to know, like and trust YOU – so they definitely need to know both you and your business.


  • When in your Facebook group, members will be able to connect to your business page by clicking on the link on your cover photo. This is great to get new likes and followers from those that discovered your group through another route such as your Facebook party, Instagram, Pinterest etc.


  • Facebook is rolling out the ability to link to other groups within your own group! If you’d like to recommend groups that relate to your business, you can now link to them in your group as an ‘Admin Recommendation’. We’ve been so fortunate and have already had our awesome collaborative trainers and CinchShare Brand Ambassadors like Pampered Chef top leader, Charlott Nagai, link to our SocialCinch Club group from their own groups! By doing so, they’ve been able to introduce CinchShare in a friendly environment where they can see how our features work and have a place to ask questions to get the answers they need.  Just think of all the linking possibilities and ways recommending groups could benefit your community!  It’s teamwork at its finest and when we receive the rollout you can bet that we’ll be linking right back!

This is just the beginning and we’re sure there are many other ways that linking your Facebook Group to your Facebook Business Page can help maximize engagement for you and your business on Facebook. We linked our SocialCinch Club Facebook Group to our CinchShare Business Page just as soon as this feature was rolled out to us and have seen positive results. If you’ve linked your Facebook group to your page we’d love to hear your feedback on how it’s been working for you so please comment below and share with us. Oh, and be sure to check out this short tutorial on how to link your group to your page.  It’s pretty painless, we promise!

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  1. I don’t have groups as an option in the tab section….I don’t have it on the side of my page currently either? Any advice on where to find this groups tab when adding a new tab?

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