Our Top 5 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2016

It’s a high tech world we live in! With Facebook parties and virtual trainings, it’s becoming very easy, and the preferred way, to market your business almost (if not) completely online. Let’s face it, not having to leave the comfort of your own home and being able to work in your pj’s IS super appealing..and comfy..and convenient..and social media marketing really works! So what should we be delving into for the new year to continue successfully building our business online? These five predictions are a great place to start:


1. Visuals
This is nothing new, but you can definitely expect a rise in visuals for 2016. People are attracted to colors and imagery over text so keep that in mind when you are marketing online. Use your own graphics as often as possible, brand yourself, and you’ll receive that oh so coveted engagement! It’s really fun to create your own images with the tools out there now and CinchShare integrated Canva right into our software so you can design and schedule in minutes!

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2. Video
In social media marketing, putting a face to the name of what you are selling automatically creates a relationship between you and the viewer. It takes down that “salesy” wall that can be a turn-off to so many when it comes to direct sales and network marketing. Video can instantaneously create a sense of security and trust and your business is bound to grow when your fans see your smile, passion, and discover your Why. But not all videos have to have you in it – if you’re extremely camera shy, you can take video of your product and viewers will hear your voice, and you can also screen share to create demonstrations for your teams. It’s very easy to schedule a video in CinchShare using the Links feature. And remember, you don’t have to upload anything until you edit and love it! On the flip side, being raw and unfiltered makes you more real and relatable, so don’t record yourself a billion times to get it perfect. People adore imperfections!

3. Live Streaming
Marketing live exploded in 2015 and it’s only going to get bigger so it’s best to get onboard now and find your niche. Periscope is great for your audience to get to know you and your product, where they can ask questions and receive immediate answers; Blab is perfect for chatting with others (up to 4 can co-host a blab together) and you can discuss anything and everything with your team or a featured expert or even customers while viewers can chat in the side bar. CinchShare just started blabbing every other Friday in a #CinchWrapUp with our guest expert from that week’s training. There are many in direct sales who have come up with their own campaigns and live stream with purpose – which is key. While it’s great to engage with others, your audience has better things to do than chat about the weather so don’t scope or blab unless you have something somewhat important to say. A motivational story, a time saving tip, a product reveal, or being on location are great ideas for live streaming. Don’t be afraid, just go for it and you’ll be a natural in no time!

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4. Pinterest
With 100 million active daily users Pinterest is expected to grow even more next year. People pin to shop, they search for products by categories and using keywords which helps them find exactly what they are looking for and often results in a sale. If you haven’t set up an account for your business now is the time! There are Pin It buttons everywhere for social media marketing purposes and in CinchShare we make it seamless to pin your posts from your History or Pending to your Pinterest boards. This not only helps you with multi-tasking but it also brings your Pinterest audience back to your Facebook business page or website. You get to choose your url destination and they will be taken exactly where you want them to go so they can see what you have to offer and then buy it!

5. Mobile
With everyone on the go these days and all the amazing apps out there, mobile users are skyrocketing. To be successful, every website must be mobile friendly as smart phones are the main source of social media contact for consumers, especially millennials. As a business owner it’s extremely important to double check what your e-newsletter, blog and social platform pages look like from your phone. For example, the text getting cut off in a cover photo can result in the loss of a sale if there was a special offer on it that a page visitor just couldn’t see on their mobile device. CinchShare is completely mobile friendly and we don’t take up memory on your cell as we’re browser based. You can save a ton of space on your devices with our History which stores all your images for you. We also suggest creating a shortcut so that you can access the site in a split second for your scheduling needs. Check this out: CinchShare Shortcut You’ll be on the go just like the rest of them AND blowing up your business in 2016! Cheers!

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