Personalize Your Party Posts with TextClips

With summer coming to a close, it’s time to get back into the business groove so you’re ready to rock the busy holiday season. I know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed because let’s face it, adulting is hard! So to help, CinchShare has a unique feature that I wanted to make sure you knew about – TextClips. Think of them as little snippets of sanity that will keep you from having to copy and paste all day and night. You’ll never have to worry about a typo and can literally shave hours off a week from your social media marketing when you have your TextClips strategy in place!



So what exactly IS a TextClip?

A TextClip is your “signature” that you can put on any post by writing it in advance and just choosing which one you’d like to use when scheduling a post. TextClips are an exclusive feature to CinchShare! No other scheduling software has this little time saving gem. When I was working my business, I quickly became annoyed with the amount of times I had to copy/paste or type out my website links, custom album links, hostess ordering links and most common phrases for every post and thought, “There must be a better way!” After a bit of brainstorming, the TextClip was born. Instead of having to write out your Call-to-Actions every time you create a post, or paste it from a word doc into your posts, TextClips allow you to insert your own unique link and/or phrase in one simple click!

Your TextClips can be anything you’d like! That’s the beauty of them! You can save links to your website, blog, host links, and other social profile links.  You can add personality by sharing why you do what you do, ask followers to join your group or like your Facebook business page.  You can even save your favorite hashtags.  There is no limit to the amount of TextClips you can have, so go crazy and try out different ways to personalize your posts!

Check out some examples of TextClips that you can create to save time and reduce stress:

Website Link – ex:

Spend your time doing what matters most by scheduling ahead with CinchShare. We’d love to have you join us:

Join my Group – ex: 

✔ Like ✔ Share ✔ Tag ✔ Comment ✔ Repost ✔ Follow me
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Follow Me – ex:

We’re on Pinterest too! Follow us here:

Favorite Hashtags – ex:

#mompreneur #wahm #girlboss #empowerwomen #cinchlove #whereicinch

Host Links – ex:

Don’t forget to place your order from Jennifer’s party here:

Business Opportunity – ex:

Working from home is the best decision I ever made for my family! Want to learn how I’m able to raise my kids, run a successful business and have a blast doing it all? I’m happy to share my story, just pm me!

Fundraisers – ex:

You can help make a difference in their lives too. Click on this link to find out more about my book program for children in need:

Referral programs (i.e., your CBA link!) – ex:

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Blog – ex:

Want to learn more about the latest in social media marketing and direct sales? Check out our blog at 


Everyone has saved email signatures that add personality and important information to their emails. With CinchShare’s TextClips, you can quickly personalize your social media posts and party posts on Facebook, and even use them when pinning to Pinterest. Creating your own unique intro/closing sentences to posts and adding your own unique contact info is a fantastic way to personalize your post messages and hopefully avoid Facebook Jail.  The more you personalize your post content, the better off your business will be!  So check out our short video that demonstrates how easy it is to create TextClips and let us know what other TextClips you have come up with for your business in the comments below!

Creating a TextClip is super easy! Watch this video and see for yourself: