Using the Power of Offline and Online Strategies to Build Your Business

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of building your business online with Social Media and lose sight of the fact that you have a large captive audience in front of you daily, in the area in which you live. These are people who you know, and don’t yet know, and many of whom will be interested in the products and services you sell, as well as partnering with you in the business. One of my favorite ways to build my business faster and stronger is through offline networking and “lifestyling” my business. After all, people are everywhere, and most of us are out and about in some capacity on a daily basis.



Let’s start with offline networking.

There are typically events on a weekly and monthly basis in your area that are geared specifically for the purpose of showcasing your products and your business. Becoming a regular attendee of these events is a powerful way to become known and respected within your community. And, your goal is to become known as the “go to person” in your area for your products and services.

Meeting people at these types of events is powerful in that it gives you a chance to easily share what you offer to people who are receptive to hearing about your business, because that is how networking works. You learn about their business; they learn about yours.

Get comfortable taking selfies with those who you meet at these events. You can share these on your personal wall and your business page and showcase how you are working your business and having fun.

One great way to build on that initial meeting is to take that encounter back to social media. Simply ask – are you on Facebook? I would love to connect with you there, too.

Most people will say yes, and get out your phone right then and ask them to type in their profile name, and just add them right then.

I create Facebook Friend’s lists and categorize people as to how I meet them.

When you get home from the event, send a “nice to meet you” card and track who you’ve connected with. Spend that next month paying attention to, and commenting on relevant updates that they share.

Take a genuine interest in them.

You can do this same thing as you are out living your life, or doing what I call lifestyling. You meet that fabulous sales person who assist you at a store. Or, maybe it’s the server in a restaurant. Social media is a great way to get their contact information and take it a step further. Simply ask if they are on facebook, and add them, just like above.

You want to make sure you have spent some time building rapport through your encounter with this person so it seems natural and not at all weird to add them on Facebook. Don’t rush into this part too quickly, if you haven’t really done more than just make a purchase.

This is where it’s going to be very important for you to have a specific plan and strategy about how you post on your personal profile, as well as your business page.

Have a definite plan for both, and make sure your content is different on each.

I always use the 80/20 rule in that 80% of my posts are fun, entertaining, educational, informative, social, etc. And only 20% are business related, and even those are not a blatant sales pitch. Incorporate info about your business in a way that is also fun and educational.

Developing your own style in what to share on social media takes, time, practice and consistency. Once you have identified your own style, your “brand” naturally comes forward and you will attract your perfect audience, interested in your and what you do.

To develop your style, spend some time on a personal inventory of yourself.

Describe and define your personality; your likes and interests. What do you do for fun? What music and movies do you watch? What celebrities do you align with? What are your hobbies? How do you have fun? What’s a perfect vacation? Date night? Food? And so on. Incorporate these into what you share.

Now, you can begin to share things about your business in a subtle way. If you are having an event of your own, showcasing your products, invite them, personally through private message, to the event. Be sure to mention how/where you met and WHY you are inviting them. Come up with something personal that fits how you met.

Using CinchShare to pre-schedule most of your ongoing posts makes it easy for you to be very effective establishing your brand and authority on social media.

Incorporate holidays, current events, new product launches as well day to day life into your social media sharing to really put your best face forward as an individual and a business owner. People do business with those who they know like and trust. You can rapidly move that game forward when you are growing your social media contacts through offline strategies that you then take back online.