Revive Your Business with Social Media C.P.R.

When you work for yourself you’ve got a lot of priorities to balance in order to first build and then maintain a thriving and successful business. I understand the challenges as I live them myself every day.



So I understand that knot in your stomach when you think about how you’ll not only run your business, do your parties, contact leads, handle the rest of your life and then do some networking to get more business on top of it! You probably worry about whether you can do it all or when, or you may even feel a sense of rebellion that rises up like it did for me. I’d think about adding one more thing to my plate while worrying about whether I was doing enough in all the other areas of my business and personal life. I get it.

There are only so many hours in the day, and you need to make the most impact with your time online. I can help! Here’s a simple formula to remember the three most important and effective things to do to create a powerful online presence on any of your favorite social media sites, in about 15 to 20 minutes a day. Use this to connect with people, build relationships, and grow your visibility online so you can reach more people. It works whether you are using a Facebook Business Page, Profile or Groups, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Profile or Groups, or Pinterest. No matter where you are trying to build a presence, use Social Media C.P.R. to connect with people in a way that saves you time.

Social Media C.P. R. = Comment + Post + Reply Daily

Comment: Among your connections, find 3 to 5 posts to interact with by leaving a meaningful comment that adds value or continues the conversation. Scroll through your news feed and comment on interesting links, pictures, videos or just jump into conversations. Everyone loves getting comments. If you have a Facebook Business Page you can even comment as your own Business on other Business Pages.

Post: Each day post or schedule at least one new item that your readers would be interested in whether or not they ever do business with you. This can be a link you are sharing, a post shared from someone else, your own thoughts or questions, or anything you think your readers would appreciate. Vary the post type between pictures, plain text, videos or links and limit posts that are promotional in nature to about one in ten. Focus on serving your readers what they’d like to see so that they can’t wait to read your posts!

Reply: When someone replies to your post, take the time to respond to them so that the commenter and the rest of your readers see you are reading and responding. If you posted something really engaging and received a lot of comments, you may not be able to reply to every one in a meaningful way. In that case I like to check at the end of the day or the next morning and add a blanket reply. This lets everyone know you came back to read the comments, and that will encourage them to interact even more!

This formula works because it increases engagement, exposes you to new people, and shows your readers you are hands-on and interactive, which encourages them to engage with you even more, exposing you to even more people, and so on. It truly works. If you’re skeptical, try it for 2 weeks straight and comment back here with the impact it had on your social media success.

Using Social Media C.P.R. means that you will be able to grow your online presence in a way that honors your primary business. You’ll be able to pace yourself by blocking out the time and going online each day to your favorite social media site, performing the C.P.R. formula and starting to build quality rapport with your connections. Do this 15-20 minutes at a time, one day at a time, one post at a time, and you will still have the time for the rest of your business–and your life!

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  1. Great content. May I share this with my team in my team newsletter? I would of course attribute it to you with your bio.

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