Sponsoring Games to Use in Social Media for Direct Sales

This week’s guest blog was written by Melanie Parker, founder of www.partyplan123.com & creator of ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’ (direct sales course)

Sponsoring and team building is a MUST for every party plan consultant who wants a long-term, healthy direct sales business.

THE BIG QUESTION: “Is it possible to get QUALITY SPONSOR LEADS online using social media, without being pushy or salesy?” >>> YES!!!

Social media followers LOVE games and fun activities.  By playing strategic sponsoring games, you can collect multiple quality sponsor leads & be well on your way to team-building success ASAP in your direct selling business.

Why play Direct Sales SPONSORING GAMES on social media?

  • The Number 1 goal when playing sponsoring games is to collect sponsor leads. When the game is designed with strategy and delivered in a fun style, the sponsor leads will come.
  • Games get crazy-good engagement on social media.  Your followers will comment, like and share willingly.
  • Because your sponsoring game social media post receives so much interaction and engagement, the reach of your post will be much greater, meaning more people will see your post… Yippeeee!
  • Games are fun & casual, but not salesy or pushy
  • Have you ever forgotten to ask your facebook party guests about joining your company during the party?  Sponsoring games are a great strategy to help you remember to add a party step that’s about inviting guests to join your company.
  • Plus… Sponsoring games are perfect for direct sellers who feel nervous talking about the business opportunity… games can take away the nerves and the fear factor.

FACEBOOK PARTIES are not the only good place on social media to play sponsoring games. Also try:

  • Business Opportunity Information Meeting Event/Group
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Events
  • Your Personal Profile (only in a non-salesy/promotional way)
  • Other social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest

SPONSORING GAME 1: Unscramble The Letters In Each Word

When doing Facebook Parties, this game is perfect to play in your Sponsoring Infomercial Break where you want to share a list of the benefits of joining your company. But remember, this game is not limited to use in facebook parties only; utilize this game in many of your social media platforms and pages/groups/events, etc.

  • To play this game, simply show a social media post that has a list of scrambled words/phrases for the viewer to unscramble.
  • Each word/phrase lists the benefits of joining your company.
  • Ask the viewer to write their answers to you via comments/messenger.
  • You can award a small prize to the first person who unscrambles the whole list and/or to each person who gets all words correct.
    • If playing this game in a Facebook party, real-time event or livestream, it’s best to give a time limit of a maximum of 3 minutes
    • If you are showing the scrambled words/phrases in an image/text post, it’s better to split the list of phrases into 2-3 separate posts to avoid confusion and overwhelm for the viewer.
    • If you are playing the game via a livestream video such as facebook live, it’s best to show just one scrambled phrase line at a time. Display the scrambled phrase by either:
      • holding up a piece of paper with the scrambled phrase
      • using a screen-share option to show a document with the scrambled phrase
      • use an app such as BeLive.tv that allows you to display typed words on the screen of your video feed

EXAMPLE of ‘UNSCRAMBLE’ Sponsoring Game Split Over Several Social Media Posts (click on image below to view it in action!)

SPONSORING GAME: Recruiting Rhyme

 To play the RECRUITING RHYME direct sales SPONSORING GAME, your social media follower will either read/listen to a fun poem about joining your team. They will give themselves a score from the instructions in the poem. Ask the follower to write their score in the comments. You can deliver this poem in any type of social media post such as:
– Image
– Text
– Video
– Facebook Live

 Anyone who scores 35+ points, should be followed up with as a potential sponsor lead.

Watch Melanie Parker, founder of Party Plan 123,  do the RECRUITING RHYME game in this video.

SPONSORING GAME: Recruiting Rhyme

🌷 To play the RECRUITING RHYME direct sales SPONSORING GAME, simply give each guest a piece of paper to keep track of their score as they listen to you recite the following poem. If you are playing on social media, ask the follower to write their score in the comments.🌻 Anyone who adds the 25 points at the end should be followed up with in regards to the business opportunity.☑️ Download the recruiting rhyme at http://www.partyplan123.com/direct-sales-sponsoring-games 😊 You can also add some small prizes (small incentives, chocolates, etc.) for high scores.💙 Melanie Parker, founder of Party Plan 123 & creator of 'The Road Map to Party Plan Success' (direct sales success course)

Posted by Party Plan 123 on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

You can add some small prizes (small incentives, % discount on order, free shipping, etc.) for high scores.

Start sponsoring from Day 1

Ask Everyone About Joining Your Company.

Everybody should be treated equally. In other words, avoid judging others based on their age, gender, financial status, background or the car they drive. Everybody deserves an equal chance, so make sure to offer the generous income opportunity to every single one of your guests.

Once you have collected the sponsor lead, it is essential to follow up every lead within 48 hours to achieve the best result of converting the lead to a new team member.

 Follow every sponsor lead up with personal 1-to-1 communication (ideally a private message, phone call or video chat) and deliver the business information pack (you choose either digitally or in the post).

 Arrange for them to meet you for a business opportunity information meeting ideally within 48 hours, where you will then ask them to decide if they want to join your company (you choose to hold this meeting either digitally or in person; discuss with your lead whether you or your leader will hold this meeting).

At the business opportunity information meeting:

Ask the CLOSING QUESTION to get the decision;
they won’t say YES if we don’t ask.

This is crucial in sponsoring, yet a lot of party plan consultants miss this out through fear of rejection.
This could be why you are not be getting as many new team members as you wish for.
Do not be afraid of objections because each no brings you one step closer to the next yes!

…. You are now well on your way to sponsoring your next team member >>>> GREAT WORK!

It’s time to put your learning into action and for YOU to start playing sponsor games on your social media for direct sales success today!

~ Melanie Parker, founder of www.partyplan123.com & creator of ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’ (direct sales course)