Jump start your direct sales business with branded ready-made graphics

When beginning your journey in your direct sales or network marketing business, one of the most important components of being visible online is having cohesive, eye-catching content that will attract an audience. CinchShare Social Starter Kits truly allow you to get started with marketing your business on social media with ease! Whether it be in your Facebook parties, on your business page or Instagram feed, our ready-made, company branded starter kit graphics are a fantastic way to share about your new business, increase engagement and provide valuable and visually pleasing content that will appeal to your fans and followers!

Facebook Parties

Throwing virtual Facebook parties will take your direct sales business to the next level – and then some! Imagine the ability to throw several parties a week, even in one night, all while wearing your pjs! It’s easy to engage with your guests when you schedule the graphics from CinchShare’s Starter Kit that will help you share information about your products and guide them along throughout the course of the party. You can select from great options such as countdown posts and roll call as well as new products and questions to help them open up and participate!



With over 2.1+ billion people on Facebook, it’s definitely the primary platform to get seen and grow your business! Post Starter Kit graphics on your Facebook business page and in your VIP Group that will show your followers what you’re up to and the best way to connect with you. If you’re going Live, or having a Flash Sale, be sure to post one of these graphics to your social channels to drive traffic to your event! You can even invite your audience to join your Facebook group and encourage your community to share what product they love the most to get them talking.


Inspirational quotes on Instagram are a hit with almost everyone, so by sharing quotes that empower and motivate others, you’ll be sure to gain some attention and new followers!  You’ll have several to choose from in your company’s Starter Kit and you can also post graphics on your feed and/or in Instagram Stories encouraging people to join your team or take part in a fun Giveaway.  The cross promotions are endless!

CinchShare’s Starter Kits are available in our CinchShare Ready-Made Graphics shared folder! If you’re not a Cincher yet, you can join with a five week free trial using promo code CinchFree. Be sure to join our SocialCinch Club to keep in touch!