Store Your Content with CinchShare’s Save Feature

You know how it is. You’re scrolling your newsfeed and see a great post on Facebook that you want to use in the future so you save the photo to your phone and then it’s never to be seen again. Lost, in a sea of forgotten images that are now taking up so much space there’s no room to take pics of the kids and that’s not good. Not good at all.



Fear not, my friends! CinchShare’s new Save feature is here to literally “save” the day! With this new feature, you are able to store any post or image from your device or online to use at a later date. Think of it as a virtual filing cabinet but even better, because you can locate and schedule your saved posts in seconds!

Share and Save:
When you’re online and see a post on Facebook, or a pin on Pinterest, just save it in CinchShare! Use the FB Import feature for public posts, the Photo Url feature for images and the Links feature for websites and you’re all set! Do you currently share posts to a secret Facebook group to save them? You still can and then when you have a bit of time go ahead and transfer them over to CinchShare so you can edit the post message and it will be ready to go when you want to schedule it.

Plan Ahead:
With summer right around the corner and the kids out of school, our daily schedules are about to be a thing of the past! CinchShare’s Save feature will make it easy to prep for the busy holiday season when you’re on the go at barbecues and the beach. Plan ahead the next few months and you’ll be golden when it’s time to focus on your money making parties. Have your page, timeline and group content all set in your “online library” under the Save tab.

Virtually Versatile:
CinchShare’s Save feature isn’t just for images. You can use the post message field as a notepad and jot down a bunch of hashtags, brainstorming ideas for a future blog post or campaign, or keep a list of your hosts’ contact info. How cool is that? A virtual journal that you can keep editing and revising!

Check out how easy it is to save posts, images, links and ideas in CinchShare:

What are you going to save first?

43 thoughts on “Store Your Content with CinchShare’s Save Feature

  1. This is such a great addition! I often see articles on Facebook I want to read later and share on my business page. Now I can use this and it’ll be so easy to schedule!

    1. Yes! Saving articles is a fantastic idea – so easy to schedule when you want to share them!

  2. I think this is an awesome feature! I love creating my own graphics with great quotes and sayings, so this will be helpful to save content to re-create later!

  3. I regularly save posts on FB and have trouble finding them because there isn’t a search option on the FB saved page. This will help a lot with tracking things. Also, I would love to save images and have them ready in my Cinchshare account for later!

    1. Thank you Teresa! This feature will definitely make saving then scheduling much more seamless!

  4. This is AWESOME!! I will use it as a way to store images, ideas, quotes for future parties to keep my posts fresh with new material. It seems whenever I do sit down to do a post I’m in a hurry, can’t find the idea I was looking for, or just feeling lazy….so go with what I have on hand. This will change that UP!!!! 😀

    1. Yes! You won’t have to just grab something last minute that you aren’t really happy with because you’ll have a library on hand, exactly right!

  5. I discovered this while scheduling this morning. This is going to come in SO handy when it comes time to set up my parties on Facebook!!!! Thank you Cinch Share!!

  6. I’m so excited for the save feature! I’m going to save all the inspirational quotes I find first! I never seem to find them when I need one to boost moral or congratulate someone.

  7. I am in love…all over again! this is great! I can unclog my computer now with pics all over the place and not being able to find them…lifesaver! thanks cinchshare

  8. THANK YOU for this!! I’ve been wanting this feature since I signed up for CinchShare and you’ve delivered! This is fantastic!

  9. I think I will use the save feature when I see an idea, but I still want to think about changing the wording before I schedule/post it.

  10. I love this idea! But a quick question… When you use a saved post does a copy of it stay in the Saved folder for a second use or do you have to save it again if you want to reuse it in a future group?

    1. Hi Debra! When you schedule the saved post and it’s delivered it will then be moved into your history for resposting whenever you’d like!

  11. I love this new feature! It makes life much easier! I can store new ideas in my saved folders and then access it when I’m ready to use it!

  12. I love being able to save images from my computer to cinchshare, but how do I save from Facebook? Do I have to save to my computer first?

    1. Hi Arlene! No, you definitely don’t have to save them to your computer first. You can use our Photo Url feature or the Facebook Import feature – both of these video tutorials can be found in your User Guide right inside your CinchShare account or on our YouTube channel.

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