Throw a Theme Party to Increase Engagement & Sales!

What if we told you that you are more likely to increase sales and have your host and guests raving about you for months simply by throwing a theme party? It’s true! Themes are super fun and the ladies love ’em! Whether you’re throwing an in-home party or a virtual party, you can jazz things up by thinking outside the box and getting creative. You’ll have everyone begging you for a booking!

With the right strategy in place, a theme party can blow up your direct sales business. Let’s start off with a few fun ideas that can you can offer to your hosts:

Mommy’s Night Out – have your host invite all her mommy friends over for some wine and snacks sans kids! Easy to plan both in home and online, be sure to make it well known that the party will be all about them! FB party idea: throw in an IMOMSOHARD video for some “I can relate” engagement!

Taco Tuesday – It’s a Tex-Mex fiesta! Serve chips and salsa, have a taco bar and of course wear a sombrero! FB party idea: Create a pre-post asking if they prefer their margaritas frozen or on the rocks! MargaritaParty

#TBT Ladies’ Night – Have a night of nostalgia as your host and guests reminisce about the good’ ol’ days! FB party idea: Have them share a #TBT pic and the most outrageous receives a free gift!

PJs and Popcorn – It’s mandatory that your guests arrive in their pajamas and of course the featured snack is a variety of popcorn! FB party idea: Welcome your guests with a video or FB Live in your pjs and ask them to comment with a pic of a pj selfie – the best ensemble wins a prize!

You get the gist. Here’s a list of 50+ Themes your host and guests will have an absolute blast attending!

Get the Party Set Up
Pick a handful of the themes that interest you and do a search on Pinterest for some ideas to expand upon them for an in-home party. Have about five planned out that you can offer to your hosts and let her choose the one she’d like for her party. Not only will she feel like she has a bit of control with the planning and will know what to expect, but she’ll also love that her guests will be entertained with the theme of her choice! The same applies for Facebook Parties: simply turn those in-home ideas into virtual ones by creating posts with Canva. Remember to keep your branding in check and give each post a Call-to-Action so your guests have questions to answer!

Coach Your Host
You know the drill! Make sure your host knows what is expected of her and that you two need to work as a team to have a successful party. Send her what she needs with enough time for her to check it out and let her know that you’re always available for questions and that you need her to show how excited she is whether in person or online. For the Facebook party, the pre-posts set the tone so be sure to have a few fun ice-breakers that go along with your theme and make sure your host engages on all of them!

Time to Party!
No matter what the theme, having an upbeat and successful party is definitely your main goal! Planning ahead and having all your posts ready to go takes a ton of stress off of you and allows you to engage with your guests without missing a beat! They’ll appreciate all the attention and will be sure to take notice how on the ball you are throughout the entire party. This can easily result in more bookings! So don’t forget to schedule ahead with CinchShare, engage and answer questions, offer suggestive selling with custom albums and multi-photo posts, include a game or door prize and remember to have fun!

We can’t wait to hear all about your awesome theme party success! Be sure to share with us in the comments!