Tips to be consistent on social media – starting NOW!

It’s the beginning of a brand new year and you know what that means…it’s time to set up your business for success! Are you pumped? Good. We have a few tips that will make it super easy for you to be consistent on social media in 2019 and beyond!

Create a content calendar
Content calendars don’t have to be complicated. Actually, the more simple you make them, the better! Take a look at what your customers and followers need and what they engage with on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and become a resource for them. By providing value and the type of content they are drawn to, you’ll gain visibility and be able to genuinely build relationships. Create a weekly calendar and simply repeat it, or you can have two different weeks of daily topics/content and alternate them!

Design your own graphics
Once you have your calendar ready, you can begin to fill in the content that you need to create yourself in order to brand your business. Creating your own graphics is a cinch with our Content Library and Design with Canva button! You’ll have thousands of custom stock photos to choose from to create your own unique graphics and you do NOT have to be a professional graphic designer to do it! Here is a great tutorial that will help you get started. And, if you’re really not ready just yet, CinchShare has starter kits that you can use and simply add your logo or website, or design your graphics off of ours using the background we provide. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed; being consistent is what’s most important!

Schedule your content
You can seriously save hours and days of your life by scheduling your content! It’s up to you if you’d like to schedule the week ahead, the month, or the season, and with CinchShare’s time saving features, you’ll get into your groove in no time. Just give it a try and you’ll see how simple it is to keep cranking out that content which will help you maintain consistency and remain visible in everyone’s feeds.

Repurpose your content
Repurposing your content across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter will save you a ton of time and it’s basically a way for you to reach different audiences on different platforms without having to recreate ALL your existing content. Why do it all over again, right? Keep your content consistent by taking one of your Facebook posts from your CinchShare history and edit the post message for Instagram, or create a tweet for Twitter, or use that FB Post you had on your business page and schedule it into your VIP group, or pin it to Pinterest with your FB biz page url so they click on it and go right to your page – the options are endless really! You can (and should!) repurpose all your content because it’s YOURS and your followers and audience aren’t the same on each platform. Triple, even quadruple, your visibility by repurposing your content consistently!

Engage, engage, engage!
Ok, so now because you have your content calendar, and your own graphics and you’re scheduling them and repurposing them, guess what? You’ll have TIME to engage and do it CONSISTENTLY! We’re not kidding. You’ll be amazed at how many extra hours you’ll have in your day to actually be SOCIAL on social media and get to know your followers, group members, customers and party guests simply by engaging with them. That’s where the magic happens and you’ll build those relationships authentically and naturally because you don’t have to worry about what you’re posting every day. It’s a beautiful thing!

We can’t wait to hear how your new year, consistent you is doing – rocking your business in 2019! Join our community Facebook Group, the SocialCinch Club, so we can all share our awesome content ideas and tips together. See you in the Club!