Top 5 Social Networks for Direct Sellers

The question we are most often asked is, “What do I post and where?” So we wanted to give you a breakdown of the top 5 social networks for direct sellers and what you should be posting on them for the best engagement. You don’t have to be super active on all five but having a presence on them is important. This way you can see where you have the best activity and grow from there!



This one is a no-brainer. Facebook is the mecca of the direct sales world. If you don’t have a business page or public figure profile (follow your company’s policies) then you should set one up to begin promoting your business. Facebook prefers that you do not post product related posts on your personal timeline and you want to follow their guidelines. The best way to offer your products to your followers is to think about what you would like to see on your page if you were in their shoes. For example, if you’re looking to reduce chemicals in your home then a post like Meighan’s here is a fantastic way to grab their attention while also suggestively selling.

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Everyone’s on Pinterest to shop whether it be for products or DIY projects as it’s a huge dolled up search engine. As with all social media platforms, you don’t want to just post your company’s images of products. Offer your followers awesome content, similar to Facebook, by creating boards of interest. Pinterest is basically virtual window shopping and you want to grab the pinner’s attention so they pin and purchase. That said, this board from Cassandra is great because she’s offering tips for her followers for the products she sells without being salesy. Women will follow her boards and see that she is with Touchstone Crystal.

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Twitter is fast and furious! For direct sellers, tweeting about your Why, inspirational quotes and how your products help you are great ideas. Promotions and more direct product type posts are accepted on this social network but remember to engage and retweet content you come across that your followers would enjoy as well. If you have a blog like Lynn then you can tweet your blog posts several times a day and reach a brand new audience every single time!

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Think of Instagram as a photo album of your business life. A glimpse into how you use your products, what your business is all about, and who you are as a person are the key points to showcase here. Your followers will love to see your behind the scenes pics and how positive you are about being a business owner. Don’t forget to add in a few tips from your industry as well. This post from Oil Collective is a great example of how to promote your product without spamming:

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Out of all the social networks, LinkedIn is the best choice for you to showcase your skills as a leader so that you can recruit and build an amazing team. Listing your accomplishments and talents as well as having others write recommendations will help you shine. LinkedIn is a great avenue for driving traffic to your blog if you have one as well as creating interest to be on your list and it usually comes up in the top four when someone does a Google search about you. Here Jilleysue is displaying her rank, qualifications, honors/awards and recommendations.

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Bonus Social Networks:
Live streaming is also an awesome way to connect with your fans. Check out our blog posts about them!

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Social Networks for Direct Sellers

  1. If Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn are the most popular social networks, will CinchShare allow me to post to all of these networks?

    1. We’ll be releasing Twitter soon! Instagram doesn’t have a public API which means they don’t allow scheduling. Google+ and LinkedIn are future possibilities!

      1. How soon is soon? I have heard great things about cinch share, but I NEED twitter. It’s where most of my followers are. But if Twitter is coming in the next month or two, I can deal with another scheduler to get my twitter posts out until then. If it’s 6 months down the road, I need to rethink cinch share.

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