Why You Should Use WordSwag for Your Business

WordSwag is an app where you can create original graphics. I love it because you can choose a blank slate to start from, or they have an entire gallery of photos you can use as a backdrop and it’s an incredible tool to use while on the go! Here’s why it’s great to use for your business:

Creating your own content will set you apart!

I love quotes. And I try to post one a day on my pages. But we all know how important it is to create your content. By using WordSwag, I can create my own original content in seconds from my phone. Waiting in the car pool line, waiting at soccer practice, waiting is the story of my life! So I try to make the best of that time by getting the pesky work done. And tools like this simply make life easier!

What’s my process?

I like to go to Pinterest and find quotes I love. Then I go to WordSwag and create my own graphic for the quotes I love. They always create great engagement and SHARES on my pages. And I mean all of them: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook groups, Facebook Timeline, and Facebook Business page.

Built in quotes:

WordSwag also has their own stash of quotes built into their app. So when you go to type in text for your graphic, check out the buttons on the left hand side. They’re full of great quotes to use if you haven’t had your coffee yet; but you really need to post something! You can choose from quote topics like: Stay hungry, get hyped, good morning, be mindful, and much more! Way to go WordSwag, we love it!

WordSwag is Twitter friendly:

You’ll notice 2 “graphing lines” while making your graphic inside the WordSwag app. Those are for the PERFECT dimensions of a Twitter graphic! So if you stay inside those middle lines, your graphic will show up perfectly formatted on Twitter! #Bonus

Add your logo:

You can also add your own logo at the end. Which is a huge plus for branding your graphics. And I always highly recommend that! Again, WordSwag just nailed it!

Upgrades are available in the app:

Of course they are, right? Well, I’m cheap! So when I tell you they’re worth it, they are! I don’t think I paid over $5 for the “add ons” and I use this app multiple times a day. But the basic version is very good and I used it for quite awhile to begin with. It’s only $3.99 on Google Play and $4.99 on Apple so not bad at all for the use you get out of it!

The ease of this app and the multiple features it allows you to do, makes it an A+ in my book! If you have it and love it…post below! If you don’t have it, GO GET IT! And then tell me how you’re doing with it! Practice makes perfect! But beware, making graphics in WordSwag is actually pretty fun, and addicting!

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