Why Direct Sellers Shouldn’t Be Sharing ALL Their Content

You know that old expression – Mum’s the word? Well, that applies to your Facebook party scripts these days. Sharing all of your content with your teams is pretty much becoming a thing of the past now that Facebook has tightened its reigns once again. They are blocking posts left and right that are being shared by consultants all over the internet. We at CinchShare definitely encourage exchanging ideas and guidelines, but you really should keep your actual post messages, original party scripts and images you create for yourself, or Facebook marketing for direct sales could become a thing of the past. And that’s not good for anyone’s business!



It’s really important to find your own voice and brand yourself. Take it from Desiree Wolfe who says, “Originality in your posts are not only to keep you from FB jail, but they also keep you from sounding like every other consultant in your company. By creating an original script you can infuse your personality and connect on a deeper level with your audience.” Do you really want to be lost in a sea of consultants or do you want to be that beacon of light that everyone is drawn to? Brenda Ster says, “Building fun, personality, and creativity into your party outline is what will help your community, hostess, and guests get to know you, like you, and want to stay and shop with you. This might include videos, games, music, or other elements that simulate an in-person experience. You want your party to reflect your voice, humor, and interests – not simply be a copy/paste of others in your brand.”

As we are getting ready to dive into the busiest season for direct sellers, we are urging our customers to keep their own original Facebook party scripts PRIVATE to protect the success of their own business. Jilleysue says, “This is because the people who are truly authentic win in this business. If you cannot show your true personality through your posts and you try to use someone else’s words, people will not trust you. In this day in age, people do business with those they know like and trust, period.” Certain people are successful because they put their focus into being original. Think of it as if you were a celebrity. Would you want to be compared to a bunch of B-List actresses out there or stand apart and be the star? Facebook parties are where you are center stage, just like a home party! Lynn Bardowski says, “Original posts are important because copy/paste is boring and super spammy. Imagine you were holding live parties..if you read the same script, showed exactly the same product the same way and responded to guests comments with the same answers for every party, even you wouldn’t buy from you. Your party turns into a robotic party-in-a-can, instead of an interaction between real people in real time. Be authentic and connect with your customers online, just like you do offline. For some reason, we forget that when we get on Facebook.”

Again, it’s totally awesome of you to share your ideas with your team! Brainstorm together and devise guidelines that will help everyone get their creative juices flowing. You’ll be so proud of yourself for taking the time to create your own scripts and post messages. Don’t stop there though! Design your own images with our Canva integration, get a logo of your own and really brand your business! 

Here at CinchShare, we look to support our users in ways that will help them succeed with their virtual marketing through originality and best practices. Originality and personality is what works best! Facebook hates cookie-cutter content and is constantly working to filter out that type of posting behavior so it’s imperative that you find your own voice. Automated scripts and comments are no different than the tactics that telemarketers have used for years. You definitely don’t want to end up on people’s “no call” list, so stick to scheduling your own unique content, being there live to genuinely engage with your audience and share ideas and guidelines with your teammates so they can be successful as well.   You’ll be so happy you did because we know that you’ll notice a positive change in your business… and we’d love to hear all about it when you do!